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Chen Zhemin and Wang Hesheng Ren Tianjin Municipal Committee appointment (Figure – resume) Beijing Chinese Economic Net Beijing on August 28th news according to the Tianjin daily news, approved by the CPC Central Committee, comrade Chen Zhemin Tianjin Municipal Committee; Wang Hesheng comrades no longer serve as member of the Tianjin Municipal Committee, office, another appointment. Chen Zhemin resume Chen Zhemin, male, born in 1961 in Wenzhou City, Wencheng County of Zhejiang Province, the Han nationality, the Chinese Communist Party members, master of law, the CPC Tianjin municipal Party Secretary of Baodi. 1977.03 – 1979.09 Gansu province Guanghe County Chengguan commune educated youth brigade Lijiahe 1979.09 – 1983.07 East China College of Engineering Department of chemical engineering organic synthesis professional learning 1983.07 – 1986.09 East China Institute of Technology (East China Engineering Institute) deputy director of the Party Committee Organization Department Director, section 1986.09 – 1988.07 Department of the Central Party School Theory theory of the party and the party’s construction of professional postgraduates 1988.07 – 1989.01 East China Polytechnic College Party Committee Organization Department cadre (during the period: 1988.12 – 1992.06 1989.01 promotion lecturer) Tianjin municipal Party school party Department of teachers in 1992.06 – 1993.07 Tianjin municipal Party school, deputy director of the Institute of the 1993.07 – 1993.11 Tianjin municipal Party school library director, deputy director of the Institute of building 1993.11 – 1996.06 Tianjin municipal Party school, deputy director of the Party (zhengchuji) (during the period: 1994.11 Jin L – 1999.01) 1996.06 associate professor, director of Tianjin municipal Party Committee Party school vice chairman of Education Theoretical Research Office (during the period: 1997.11 – 1999.12 1999.01 promotion Professor) Tianjin municipal Party Deputy Superintendent of education and director of research at the 1999.12 – 2004.11 Tianjin municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Vice Minister of 2004.11 – 2007.04, Deputy Minister of Tianjin Municipal Propaganda Department (bureau) 2007.04 – 2009.05 Tianjin Deputy Minister of municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (bureau), Tianjin radio and television film group Party Secretary (and) 2009.05 – 2014.12, Deputy Minister of Tianjin Municipal Propaganda Department (bureau), city spiritual civilization construction committee office director (and) 2014.12 – Tianjin city Baodi district Party committee secretary Wang Hesheng resume Wang Hesheng, male, Han nationality, born in June 1961, Hebei the people of Qingyuan, Tianjin Undergraduate Medical College of public health Nankai University graduate, postgraduate Degree, doctor of law, Professor, doctoral tutor. June 1984 joined the Communist Party of China, in August 1984 to participate in the work. Since 1984, has served as the Department of health of Tianjin Medical College Youth League secretary, eight year students office of the Youth League secretary, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League school. In November 1992, the Communist Youth League Secretary of Tianjin medical college. September 1994, Medical University Of Tianjin Communist Youth League secretary. 1997.相关的主题文章: