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Changzhi, a patient’s family doctor was pierce heart – Sohu news Changzhi Heping Hospital emergency cardiac rupture Shen Wen doctor on the morning of 22, Shanxi Province, affiliated Heping Hospital of Changzhi Medical College with injuries, the hospital infection of a female patient’s family doctor was stabbed nine knife, a knife piercing the heart. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the hospital, the injured doctor after surgery to save lives, but the critical condition is not out of danger, after the incident to surrender to the police. The doctor was stabbed nine knife 22 at noon, Shanxi city of Changzhi province Heping Hospital doctors reported, a female doctor in the hospital by the families of patients with crush heart, was stabbed in the hospital after the rescue operation. An anonymous doctor of the hospital to BMC reporters, the doctor was stabbed to the hospital infection department doctor Shen Wen, wounding a children with HFMD father. "Should be in the old gate before was stabbed, one of the most serious knife pierce the inferior vena cava and right ventricular wall." 22 afternoon, BYD reporters call the Changzhi Heping Hospital, Department staff have a doctor was stabbed to BYD reporters confirmed nosocomial infection, "the incident at 10 o’clock in the morning, the doctor was stabbed 9 knife, and hands are classified." According to the Department of infection, the staff member introduced, wounding a small patient’s father, the child because of hand foot and mouth disease in the hospital, after wounding the police surrendered. According to Heping Hospital news, after the incident, the injured doctor Shen Wen received surgery, at about 3 p.m.. As of press time BYD reporter, Shen Wen admitted to intensive care treatment, not yet out of danger. Hurt the doctor daughter inpatients 22 afternoon, the Changzhi Heping Hospital issued notification that the infectious diseases unit of the hospital a young female doctor in the consultation on the way, suddenly was a man with a knife attack, the victim was 9 wounds, 1 of which pierce the heart, leading to cardiac rupture, cardiac tamponade, shock. Hospital, said the person who attacked the doctor named Peng Xiaoya, his 4 year old daughter because of hand foot and mouth disease in the hospital for treatment of infectious diseases, the current condition is better than the hospital. Peng Xiaoya left the scene after the attack, according to the information provided by the public security organs, surnamed Peng surrendered at 11 in the morning, the case is under investigation. A doctor involved in the rescue of Shen Wen told reporters BYD, during the wound healer’s daughter in the hospital, the family searched some HFMD treatment methods on the Internet, has asked Shen Wen after doctors according to online therapy. Shen Wen refused the family’s request, after the family began to resist treatment of Shen wen. On the morning of 22, Shen Wen returned to the Department of infectious diseases had been attacked in after the consultation, according to the Changzhi Heping Hospital doctors, attack Shen Wen side not others, she tried to grab the knife and the attackers, wound on the hand that way. The doctor with the medical college teachers BYD reporter learned that the injured, Heping Hospital of Shanxi province Affiliated Hospital of Changzhi Medical College, is a local hospital. According to the official introduction, Dr. Shen Wen was stabbed to Heping Hospital in 2011 after graduating from the Department of infectious diseases hospital.相关的主题文章: