Changchun students running the show car debut is tall Yan high value-noiseware

Changchun students running the show car debut is tall Yan high fencing, face model, Peking Opera show creative selling beautiful cars, the show in addition to luxury cars, fewer not Yan high value. The students of Lambton college Chittagong show nearly 30 men, is not only tall, face value is high, but without exception, are the top students in the city of major colleges and universities, and the so-called wisdom and beauty. College students do auto show, harvest geometry? According to reports, Chittagong Lambton college sophomore, junior and senior a total of about 160 students to participate in the planning, organization, implementation of each show, outreach, sponsorship and other aspects. Responsible for the overall planning of a number of students in June began to prepare for the middle of the summer, the end of 8 after the opening of the motor show will be fully launched. Because our school courses, the students are using their spare time to write, planning, budgeting, sponsorship, advertising, the exhibition, each preparatory students are involved in the show to get a lot of exercise." Vice president of the student union vice president. Compared with the previous auto show, auto show Chittagong college students this year have made innovations at Lambton college. The first is to increase the head of a late night show, from September 17th 6 o’clock until 9 o’clock that night, there are a variety of activities for the second day of the opening ceremony of the show up. The second is the introduction of fencing at the show that day performances, model performances, multi round draw, flash performances, opera and other face, for the show and our activities fields, but also to show up as suitable for all levels and ages Party! Reporter Xiao Hong相关的主题文章: