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The boy with cerebral palsy abandoned nanny turned "mother" waiting for 14 years without regret (Figure) – Beijing new network in Xingtai in November 23, (Zhang Pengxiang Li Tiechui Sun Ruichao) every day at half past five in the morning, Hebei province Neiqiu County Hou Village Hao Qingfen home to separate the lamp lights up. "Light rain, put your clothes on the pillow, I went to cook, you get up quickly." The 14 year old agreed to begin the arduous task. For normal people, dressing is one of the most simple action, but it is difficult to drizzle. Can not find the sleeve mouth, arm can’t do anything, hand out, also the wrong button. Finally, dressed in rain sweating, "yes, today dressing only half an hour." Hao Qingfen encouraged the children. 14 years ago, Hao Qingfen retired at home to support the family, began to take care of a couple of Shandong couple of children of 6 months of rain. When the same age children will walk will run, light rain also stand unstable, neither speak nor long teeth, the doctor diagnosed as cerebral palsy". When the biological parents know the child’s condition, abandoned the child no trace. Since then, Hao Qingfen from a nanny to take care of the "mother", eating, dressing, rain penmanship, this care is 14 years. Hao Qingfen every day to complete the work with light rain. Sun Ruichao photo, I remember the first time he tied his shoelaces, holding me and said, ‘Mom, mom see’, that time I think I have suffered all these years and tired are worth." Hao Qingfen said. Just leave a light rain, Hao Qingfen and her husband’s wages add up to only 1000 yuan, as well as to take care of the two minor daughter, life is very difficult. At that time, many people advised her to take the child to the orphanage, but she saw the rain’s red face, Hao Qingfen’s heart is not a taste, she is really reluctant to the child. "Home is five or six miles away from school, not half an hour to ride a bike." Watching the rain quietly rode in front, Hao Qingfen with a smile: "go to school, by bike, light rain!" Every morning the simple brushing, rain do not know how many times to train skilled. Sun Ruichao she entered primary school at that time, the teacher advised Hao Qingfen to send their children to special education school. "And the children play together, maybe will become a normal child." The idea that Hao Qingfen insisted that the children stay in school. Light rain grew up, Hao Qingfen began to teach him to ride. In the beginning, the rain in front of the push, Hao Qingfen in the back of the hand, push Shun, let light rain ride on the car, just began to rain very afraid, say what also dare not ride, Hao Qingfen again and again to encourage. Fell and then climbed up, tired to rest for a while to continue to practice, so light rain learned to ride. In order to give the child treatment, I took the rain removed Shijiazhuang, Xi’an, Beijing and other places, Chinese and Western medicine, acupuncture, massage…… As long as you can think of the way to try, because every child is an angel, are our treasure." Hao Qingfen said. (end)相关的主题文章: