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Victoria Song through the peach 2 static film exposure for the first time

Victoria Song through the "peach 2" static film exposure for the first time the lead: this round, open play! The game consists of 360 single, open the new round of Victoria Song endorsement of the end of the tour masterpiece "peach 2" in December 2nd will be the ultimate open beta, the ultimate online appointment today grand opening! Millennium, beautiful lakes, datangshengshi romance you write! Today, the official also exposed for the first time a group of people from the spokesperson Victoria Song as the protagonist of the interpretation of the static film, want to know what is the secret of the Victoria Song? Come and watch! "Peach blossom spring 2" this round, open play [secret: origin] is confidential Datang bright room, dressed in white snow sissy goddess Song Xiaobai, she is a beautiful girl, who knows her secret? Another world, she has what kind of life? "Peach 2" static film secret through: Taoyuan saw life] accidentally travel to another world, the quiet forest, surrounded by animals and pet spirit, Song Xiaobai has yet to react, hands on the keyboard. What kind of life will she have in Taoyuan? "Peach 2" static film through [up] fame: explore frolic Jianghu flowers in spring and autumn months, the summer there are cool winter snow, all year round beauty, where is not a good time. Through time and space, only to meet you. In the style of the Datang arena, Song Xiaobai opened the romantic arena battles road. The exploration of "peach 2" [movie together: static sword horizon only for Qing] quiet life is suddenly disrupted the invasion of evil, in order to protect the Taoyuan fairyland, more to protect my family and my friends, and friends of Song Dynasty White Slayer sword, and finally managed to repel evil spirits, also flourishing peace. "Peach 2" static film. [surrealism "peach 2" Taoyuan index "peach 2" vision] today’s first exposure to the story of the game is based on the reality of static film, Victoria Song for the first time through the interpretation of fantasy. This group of real static film, ultra realistic expression, combined with the reality of the dream will be perfect, with cross, fantasy and other romantic elements, vivid interpretation of Legendary Adventures strayed into Taoyuan, Datang, it is a reflection of "peach 2" to create the conscience of round games Taoyuan vision. "Peach blossom spring 2" this round, open play [Live] static static simulation return to the Tang Dynasty in the movie "white song" through the adventure, return to the Tang Dynasty, after the storm, it is a microcosm of the "peach 2" game player. "Peach 2" to the Tang Dynasty as the background, poetry and music into the classical culture, from the game environment, to play the story construction, comprehensive integration of the ancient records and Tang poetry and music of the classical culture of Tang Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Taoyuan environment for the simulation of depth, and strive to create an internationally immersive Tang Taoyuan. In the process of playing the game, the players will experience the true and magic of the spirit of the times, the embodiment of Song Xiaobai who write their own legendary story. Dreaming of Taoyuan datangshengshi [environment] turn to build a healthy ecological simulation.相关的主题文章:

Why should the central bank to comprehensively promote the classification of individual accounts man 4000dy

Why the central bank to promote personal account classification management system – Beijing the day before, the people’s Bank of Chinese issued a "Circular on strengthening the payment and settlement management to prevent matters related to telecommunication network crime model" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"). People’s Bank of China, the relevant person in charge of the "Circular" on the question answered the reporter’s question. First, the "notice" the introduction of the background is what? The new type of illegal crimes of the telecommunication network has seriously endangered people’s property security and legitimate rights and interests, and damaged the social integrity and social order. Since October 2015 the State Council against illegal activities of telecom network governance model deployed in the inter ministerial joint meeting since carry out special operations against the country, governance work has achieved results, but the new telecommunications network crimes high momentum has not been fundamentally curbed, the situation is still grim. In this regard, the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the central leading comrades made important instructions. September 7th, the State Council held a special meeting to study the fight against governance. In September 23rd, the State Council held a strike governance telecommunications network new criminal work of the inter ministerial joint meeting of the third meeting and to further promote the special action teleconference to further improve the combat management work put forward new and higher requirements. In September 23rd, the central zongzhiban combined with the Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the people’s Bank and the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), made careful arrangements on combating governance. To implement the important instructions of the central leadership, the spirit of the work plan of the State Council and the "notice", according to the new telecommunications network crimes in public security organs to reflect the people’s Bank, analyzed the main problems which the payment link exists, study and formulate the "notice", from the strengthening of the account name system, blocking the main channel, telecommunication network the new criminal funds transfer payment to strengthen personal information security protection, establish long-term mechanism to protect personal funds to take effective measures to build a strong financial security payment and settlement. Two, the people’s Bank of China in the fight against the new telecommunications network crime has taken measures, what to do? The people’s Bank in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council unified deployment, combined with the division of responsibilities, to fully cooperate with the relevant departments to intensify the fight against illegal crimes in telecom network governance model, the organization of banking financial institutions (hereinafter referred to as the bank) and non bank payment institutions (hereinafter referred to as payment institutions) to carry out a lot of work. One is in conjunction with the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and commerce to establish the account for emergency stop payment and rapid freezing mechanism, built to run the telecommunication network risk event new criminal transaction management platform ", is conducive to the public security organs by means of information for emergency stop payment, the rapid freezing and rapid inquiry, account closure business etc.. As of September 20, 2016, the country has a total of 1253 banks, 28 provinces and municipalities public security organs access platform, the cumulative processing business 118 thousand and 600)相关的主题文章:

Black Technology bear greatly x energy mobile power to raise public full 15 minutes – Sohu Technolog

The black bear is greatly X energy technology: mobile power raised 15 minutes full – tech Texun Sohu November 14th news: Xiao Bian recently learned from Shenzhen city bears greatly limited company of science and technology through graphene patent to build a mobile power, Taobao has all the chips on the line, named X energy. The product through the efficient and fast charging and discharging the principle of graphene, while the fast charging technology also won the national technology patents. Through this fast charging technology, 45 minutes for the 8000mAh capacity of X energy full of electricity, break through the bottleneck of long time mobile power battery, charging time than ordinary mobile power reduced about 10 times faster than the fast charging mobile power 4 times, I believe that such a revolution of fast charging products must have aroused strong concern sensation in the industry and consumers. X mobile power energy appearance character, modeled on the shell sports car styling, on both sides of the arc design, enhanced grip handle comfort, providing a total of five colors: black, grey, uninhibited with free white, gold and stubborn warmth powder, to meet the different needs of individual. The front is a LED lights, a light flashed the effect of charging state, a very good visual effects. Is the key indicator next to open a metal mold, improve the texture of products. In the part of the most important aspect of mobile power, X energy use automotive grade high rate battery standards to create and use graphene material activity, a substantial increase in kinetic energy decomposition energy, let the energy multiplication to achieve high power, high speed charging demand. Can achieve rapid absorption and rapid release, 45 minutes full of X energy 8000mAh high power battery. X mobile power energy behind the fuselage with a 220V plug, the input efficiency is as high as 12V 3.5A, with two USB 2.1A output interface, support two sets of mobile phone and fast charging, built-in smart chip can accurately judge the battery load, intelligent distribution circuit, charging with voltage and current on multi load step. Full IPhone7 just 1 hours, 8000mAh capacity can be charged for IPhone7 4 times. The original bidirectional synchronous fast charging technology, mobile power and mobile phone charging together can only need to achieve, X energy is inserted into the socket, and then with a data line access to mobile phone, mobile phone charging and charging treasure at the same time, synchronous fast charging, synchronous full power, the problem of slow charging a one-time solution, and mutual influence, with mobile phone electricity, mobile power is full of power, convenient and fast to save valuable time. Security of mobile power supply is a very important part of the mobile power poor explosion occurs, and the international brand NOTE7 explosion incident, more sparked public concern about the safety of mobile power. X uses a triple energy battery, anode and cathode using ceramic membrane, to prevent short circuit or electric core from fire risk fault is discovered, and as many as twelve heavy security protection, the electric core safety performance is enhanced, bid farewell to charge explosion". At present, the bear greatly X energy mobile power in the congregation to raise Taobao in the hot preheat, No. 16 to raise the official open相关的主题文章:

The 12 picture with you feel golden pheasant girl miniskirt beauty Tourism – Sohu nvidia geforce gt 740m

The 12 picture with you feel golden pheasant girl miniskirt beauty tourism dancer – Sohu Caragana is mainly "miniskirt" branch of Miao cell, young women, they dressed in costumes, dancing, below the knee wrapped feet, wearing cloth shoes on his right hand lift pointed, slightly higher than the head and slightly before extension, right thumb and forefinger tight like chicken mouth, the middle finger three fingers are stretched like a pheasant head, the chicken neck, with knees extended Lusheng music leg, waist peristalsis, smiling nodded, behind the ribbon is flowing freely. When the dancing movements larger and rotates, the dancer’s elegant body silver ribbon, flashing, like "Peacock", "pheasant bright wings", this is the origin of "pheasant dance" title. Pheasant dance originated in the southeast of Guizhou County of Danzhai. In the history of Miao ancestors, were forced to migrate westward, is a beautiful golden pheasant helps them find finally settled, but also brought the rice seed and the joy of the song. Therefore, the people here in the annual grand festival or pheasant dance, to commemorate the ancestors and remember to bring them freedom, peace, joy, beautiful golden pheasant. Lusheng accompaniment slowly sounded, I saw 16 Hmong girl, head wear a Silver Pheasant, wearing a blue cardigan short embroidered clothes, wearing a short skirt with pleated skirt, before and after the Department of a rectangular flower apron waist decorated with handmade riotous with colour with flowers, their neck wearing a silver collar, wearing a silver bracelet wearing pink shoes, Alice sharp…… Dressed as beautiful as the golden pheasant, bouncing a fine step, dancing in the rain and fog in the coming. Is the mascot of the golden pheasant, Miao family, totem symbol. Golden pheasant beautiful feathers popular Miao people like. Thus, the ingenuity of the Miao girl, with a different color silk, feather embroidery Lam modeled into a variety of patterns in the dress, dress, as beautiful as c.. Pheasant dance side show the Miao people’s character gentle and refined, embodies the harmony between man and nature friendly spirit, highlights the aesthetic pursuit of Miao people’s ancient and splendid, is an exotic flower in the folk dance.相关的主题文章: