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Lang Ping willing to renew the women’s volleyball depending on the physical condition – Liaon-marie digby

Lang Ping: would you like to renew the women’s volleyball team   will depend on the circumstances; the body – Liaoning channel — original title: Lang Ping: Women’s volleyball team and willing to renew deep feelings as body and local time 6 days, China "women’s volleyball coach before Lang Ping came to Austria and Vienna to meet local overseas. In the meantime, she on volleyball, the Olympic Games and other issues and the exchange of the fans. About the problem we are most concerned about, she said she had a strong desire to continue to lead, but everything depends on the physical condition of the. In the women’s volleyball competition during the Olympic Games in Rio, Lang Ping led the team to go high in lower case, in the final victory over Serbia to win, in the scene poised to win the team and the fans respect. However, in this meeting, review their performance in Rio, she said that although the need to calm myself as a coach, but the heart is also very anxious, want to win the game earlier. From the group stage to the finals, almost every game has ups and downs, but from the coach to the players are focused on the game. She said that although the first team’s performance is not ideal, but we are showing a competitor, and ultimately played a state. 30 last month, Lang Ping and China s contract officially expired, after the helm if she continues to become the most public concern. She said when asked whether the contract, "the psychological, (I) still have a very strong desire to continue coaching China team, after all I China and women’s volleyball team has over 30 years of feelings, or do you want to continue to contribute to the women’s volleyball team China." But she also revealed that she will go to the United States after the trip to Europe, to do some physical examination, depending on the specific circumstances of the test results." When it comes to the national team at present, she said that the young players have three high, tall, high intelligence, high color value. In the face of such a group of young players, they have too much and they can’t gap, also have to learn some young people like online shopping, for example, download music, but also jokes that he didn’t catch up. For the future of Chinese volleyball, she also expressed a little worried. She said she was playing volleyball volleyball team Beijing Amateur Sports School of the lot, but now the team is missing. She wants to coach the national team at the same time to promote volleyball, and hope that we can also like volleyball. (reporter Ge Xiaoqian) (Tang Long yuan, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章:

Chengdu city is at the scene sanitation workers dragged across the lane was reinforced insurance (vi-soojin

Chengdu city is at the scene: sanitation workers dragged across the lane insurance was reinforced yesterday at 8:45 in the morning, the Beltway (micro-blog) to the South Chengdu overpass overpass Road, Wu people met at the scene. I’m driving in the lane, the vehicle speed of 120 km, suddenly found in front of about 60 meters, a man wearing orange vests with two staff about four or five meters across the road to the old reinforced high-speed green belt beside." Mr. Wu immediately stepped on the brakes, turn right at the wheel, the overtaking lane into the middle of the main road, avoid the sanitation workers, but the pressure to the wheel or a steel. And the whole process is recorded on the car recorder. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters saw from the video provided by Mr. Wu, the sanitation workers left holding two four or five meters of old steel, right hand holding a big pocket, quickly through the highway, relying on the green belt to avoid. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the responsible for the Beltway cleaning work of Chengdu elegant Property Management Limited, the person in charge of the company responsible for the raochengdong work revealed that the video across the sanitation workers not employees of the company should be foreign sanitation workers pick up near the old bar to sell, without authorization in high speed. Chengdu Daily reporter Zhang Zhaoting (tachograph video screenshot) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading prison beat van out by crossing the railway train at drag 10 meters相关的主题文章:

Ministry of Public Security during the national day of the country’s social stability and good publi-holle树先生�����

The Ministry of Public Security: during the national day of the national social stability and good public order — Liaoning channel — original title: the Ministry of Public Security: during the national day of the national social stability and good public order in Beijing in October 7 Xinhua news website of the Ministry of public security, the national Day holiday period, the national public security organs to seriously implement the Ministry of public security requirements, full mobilization of police, go all out the festival, to strengthen security measures to ensure the full implementation of national social stability during the holiday season, good order. As of 7 May 19, security across the country large-scale festivals and orderly, road traffic accidents, the number of fires and criminal police intelligence decreased, civil aviation, railway transportation safe and orderly, the major scenic spots in good order, to ensure that the masses of the national day of peace. This year’s National Day travel personnel, large-scale festivals, motor vehicle traffic has increased significantly, the arduous task of security. The public security ministry attaches great importance to the work of the national security, State Councilor and Minister of public security Guo Shengkun to study the deployment of several requirements, the national public security organs in-depth study and implement the important instructions of the central leading comrades instructions, with more practical style, higher standards, more stringent responsibility, fully grasp the national security stability work measures, and during the festival, the whole in the Ministry of public security to strengthen overall command. Party members of the Ministry of public security management duties, the daily dispatch, to strengthen guidance and coordination of the security work. The public security organs in accordance with the Ministry of public security requirements, the full implementation of the security prevention and control measures, strictly implement the leadership responsibility, job responsibility, and carry out the security work, to maintain social stability and people travel safety. The police stick to their posts, perform their duties of loyalty, with their own hard work and sweat to protect thousands of peace. During the festival, the public security organs carefully developed security program to increase police into focus on the social aspects of crime prevention and control, large-scale activities and scenic security, key positions, places of safety and prevention work, strengthen the patrol prevention and control of the downtown district, park, transportation hubs and other key areas, part of the effort to eliminate all kinds of security and public security risks. Beijing, Shanxi, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong and other more than 20 provinces and city police every day into the tens of thousands of police, security and community organization wide masses, "red marks" and other groups to strengthen the social patrol control. Shenyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places to further strengthen the subway bus station security guards and security checks. During the festival, the 1448 major events held throughout the safe and orderly manner, the country has a good public order, criminal class police sentiment fell by 18.7%. The national trunk road network has always been in a high position, some large and medium cities around the road and some highway traffic pressure. Based on the Ministry of public security before the special deployment, during the festival held a video conference, timely coordination of key sections and mass travel, return key periods to prevent traffic work, long time and large range of traffic congestion and serious road traffic accidents. The police around 1 million 470 thousand passengers, 430 thousand police vehicles, launched traffic safety enforcement service station more than 3800).相关的主题文章:

Women’s volleyball team will return to his alma mater speech scream is seeking to embrace the scene -homefront

Women’s volleyball team will return to his alma mater speech scream is seeking to embrace the scene out of control of all – the new three Olympic athlete to return to his alma mater, the Nanjing Normal University students the audience shouted out the name of the idol. Li Ke photo Beijing, September 9 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Shen ran Li Ke) 9 day tour, after half a month, China Jiangsu women’s volleyball champion Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning finally returned home, back to the familiar school, Nanjing Normal University, and was a Shixiongshijie mentees. Familiar with the environment and friendly classmates, struggling to make two various activities of the volleyball, showing sweet smiles, jokes, playing the self timer, was mentees seeking "hug", restore the vitality of youth, playing awfully. The same day, wearing a red tracksuit Chinese women’s volleyball team captain Hui Ruoqi and Giuseppe Zhang Changning, a Nanjing Normal University gymnasium, all the students shouted their names. The two side waved, smiled relaxed smile, said with a smile "feel at home". The scene, several mentees two sister brought elaborate gifts. Gifts, mentees boldly asked the "hug", Hui Ruoqi and Zhang Changning not only to meet the demands of everyone, but also hold the awesome. On the day of the southern Normal University "first class", Captain Hui Ruoqi to the freshmen "encouraging", "hope that we can in daily life and learning, there are women of indomitable spirit, so that we can believe that the academic life can reach more and higher requirements." Zhang Changning suggested that "volleyball is a sport full of charm, I hope you can learn more, more involved." The same day, there is a special alumni "fans" and volleyball together with the students interaction, also participate in the Olympic Games, and made China men’s long jump best of Wang Jianan, is a student of Nanjing Normal University. Wang Jianan told reporters, like to go back to college life, as long as the training in Nanjing, we must go back to school. But he also said sadly, this year preparing for the Olympic Games, has been training in foreign countries, the fall of the class a little more, it must be a little difficult to make up." Hui Ruoqi with the three session of the students Zhou Xiang excitedly told reporters, see the Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Olympic Games on the fighting spirit, especially moved. Especially Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, they have injuries, but to the last moment. We think they are peers, students, really proud of them, but also encourage students to fight the momentum in learning and life." The southern Normal University President Hu Minqiang for the three Olympic athletes awarded the "Nanjing Normal University special contribution award and prize. (end)相关的主题文章: