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Delicious temptation – Sohu to eat and drink-tataufo

Delicious temptation – Sohu and Baked Lamp Chop unique smell of mutton to attract a lot of people also offended many people, I baked at home today chops up well, relax husband, but against the neighbors, and the sweet smell they can smell can not eat, ha ha ~ ingredients: Lamb 1000 grams, onion 1 1, ginger, 10 cloves of garlic, onion sauce, soy sauce 20 grams, the amount of oyster sauce 50 grams, 20 grams of pork sauce, peanut oil 10 grams, 5 grams of salt, wine 5 grams, 15 grams of cumin powder, pepper, five spice powder amount practice: 1, lamb wash, drain water; onion wash. A shred; garlic peeled, crushed ginger washed, peeled and sliced standby; 2, in addition to spare sauce pepper, spiced powder all mixed, stir 3, water will drain the lamb, onion, ginger Into the sauce, rubbing evenly, wrap up marinated, marinated 3~4 hours 4, baking trays with foil, marinated lamb, discharged into the pan and pour the marinade evenly, with 5 aluminum foil, bake preheated, middle, upper and lower fire 200 degrees, bake 30 minutes; bake for 30 minutes, remove the upper foil removed, chops over, sprinkle with pepper, five spice powder, re bake 20 minutes to enjoy the product相关的主题文章:

Samsung note 7 Korean explosion frequent domestic sales little impact-homefront

Samsung Note 7 South Korea explosion has little effect on domestic sales of Samsung Note 7 South Korea explosion is very calm China consumer online and offline channels, sales of hot overseas consumers from the domestic market purchasing China version of Note 7 – IT times Xu Lianlian as Samsung’s flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 year, recent experience can be used "colleagues" to describe. Recently, Samsung deep recall door, which is one of the largest recall in the history of mobile phones. Note 7 is recalled worldwide because of battery defects, but not china. Currently, Note 7 line version of China’s spot sales, Samsung is given the reason that the Chinese version of the sale of the market using a different battery supplier. In an official statement under the umbrella of Samsung, Note 7 as listed in the domestic. "IT times" reporter survey found that the "recall door" and the mobile phone explosion occurred outside the Samsung Note 7 sales in the country did not cause much impact, Chinese consumers are very calm. A few dozen sales did not run a day, according to the announcement of Samsung Electronics, a total of 35 cases of global explosion report, the impact of Note is only about 0.0024% of the proportion of. September 2nd, held a news conference at the scene in Seoul, Samsung mobile phone business leader in charge of the bow bowed and apologized, and said that in the sale of Galaxy Note 7 of the market, will stop the sale of work. In addition, for the problem of high Dongzhen battery products exist, battery defects may cause explosion in mobile phone charging. Followed, China Samsung released the official announcement, announced that in September 1st China market officially released the country line version, because of the different battery supplier, but not in the category of replacement." The announcement may be played a calming effect, Samsung Note 7 for sale a week, reporters from multiple channels of feedback, Note 7 state line version of the sale is almost not affected by the explosion and the "recall door". Note 7 I am here on the shelves of the number 2, so a few days, has sold nearly 400 units, and now basically a day dozens of sales did not run." Tmall mall, an online agent told the IT times reporter. Another agent bluntly, his hand Note 7 new machine Diamond Black version has been sold out, the rest of the Golden goods are not many, want to order as soon as possible. Reporters saw only in the official flagship store Tmall Samsung, the current Note 7 sales reached more than 11 thousand units. The online channel, Note 7 performance is quite eye-catching. The reporter visited a number of offline channels and Samsung flagship store, a Pudong Samsung flagship store staff told reporters, before the launch of Note 7, booking many people, than the previous flagship will be hot, "may be added some black technology reasons, people are also more interested in." When a reporter asked about the impact of the news of the explosion Note 7 has no impact on sales.相关的主题文章:

Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu love to kill more to avoid relegation team will fight in the

Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu love to kill more to avoid relegation team will fight in a scrimmage Sunday, 2016 in the final round of the competition. In Guangzhou Hengda win ahead, Shijiazhuang, Yongchang AFC Champions League qualification to determine the basic lock in a relegation places, in the final round point is only the last relegation places the ownership situation. At present, including Changchun Yatai team relegation candidates (32 points), Hangzhou city (31 points), Liaoning Hongyun (33 points), Tianjin TEDA (33 points) 4 teams. The last round against the situation were Changchun Yatai VS Shanghai Shenhua, Hangzhou Greentown, Yanbian flight VS Liaoning Hongyun VS Jiangsu Suning, Chongqing Lifan VS Tianjin teda. Coincidentally, these 4 games involved a total of 8 teams, there are actually the coach of the team is the South Korean coach of the 5. Visible in the final round who avoid relegation, will have to see South Korea’s command. Li Zhangzhu Hong Mingfu was killed in love with relegation in 4 echelon team, Changchun Thailand and Hangzhou Greentown boss are Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu, just two teams is relatively the most dangerous, two South Korean coach will also face "is not your cruel fate I downgrade downgrade. Relatively speaking, Li Zhangzhu coached the Changchun Yatai situation a little better, as long as the last round win over Shanghai Shenhua will avoid relegation success. Recently Changchun Yatai’s rebound momentum is very strong, has scored three game winning streak, they have a very cold northeast home court advantage. Li Zhangzhu also said the team currently has held the initiative, the final round will go all out to avoid relegation. Of course, if Changchun Yatai last round of losing, and Hangzhou beat Yanbian Greentown Fude, Changchun Yatai will be downgraded. If the final round after Changchun Thailand and Hangzhou Greentown are 32 points, the latter will be the outcome of the relationship between the dominant echelon. Many villagers may help the villagers team avoid relegation dogfight Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu to avoid relegation, Pu Taixia, Zhang Wailong, three South Korean coach cuilong Zhu may also become the master of fate in the round, not even rule out the villagers "help" may. For example, Lifan coach Zhang Wailong, if the final round Lifan home court beat Tianjin TEDA, win in Hangzhou Greentown, Changchun Yatai, Liaoning Hongyun not to lose the case, Tianjin TEDA will downgrade. Cuilong Zhu also held Liaoning Hongyun fate, if not enemy Liaoning Hongyun Jiangsu Suning, in Hangzhou Greentown, Changchun Yatai win, Tianjin TEDA did not lose the case, Liaoning will downgrade. If cuilong Zhu and Zhang Wailong for fellow friendship, in the final round of fight opponents scored 3 points, Li Zhangzhu and Hong Mingfu successfully on the opponent to get 3 points. In Tianjin TEDA and Liaoning Hongyun situation with 33 points, for the reserve team Liaozu is far behind in the TEDA downgrade, South Korea’s will to work into the new season of 2017. The worst way to avoid relegation at Lifan Greentown but from the relegation situation, the worst is Hangzhou greentown. Once they lose the inevitable relegation, even if win, the other three teams avoid relegation all win, Hangzhou Greentown still can not escape relegation. If the final two or three teams with 34 points tied for second last, Hangzhou Greentown only for Tianjin TEDA Yan相关的主题文章:

26 trillion bank financial capital is expected to accelerate the break just against the new housekee-thinkpad s230u

26 trillion bank financial capital is expected to accelerate the break just against the new housekeeper Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The market spread a month ago the bank financial regulations, a commercial bank cannot trust bank financial products issued "also let everyone see foggy when, yesterday, the central securities depository and Clearing Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as the" debt board ") a notice is given the explanation. The debt Gordon announced by the Ministry of finance, the CBRC has recently agreed to set up a wholly-owned banking financial platform will be hosting registration center, product registration, information disclosure and unified integration of third party custody, becoming the financial capital of 26 trillion yuan bank the new "super housekeeper". The new housekeeper on-line it is understood that the bank financial registration management center is a service enterprise neutral legal institutions, the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, the business scope includes the registration, custody and settlement of financial risk monitoring and analysis, construction, financial database of financial instruments of direct financing and management planning services, financial information disclosure, investor education, supervision by cbrc. China Banking Regulatory Commission official said that the establishment of financial registration and registration center is to strengthen the financial management of banking services and financial services needs of the community. Improve banking supervision, strengthen financial market infrastructure is indeed imminent. In recent years, financial management has become an important business of banks, but also an important investment channel for individuals and businesses. Data show that as of the end of 6, the country has a total of 600 banking financial institutions to carry out financial services, stock size of more than 26 trillion yuan. In fact, as early as October 2013, there is news that the debt is being set up to build a unified banking information disclosure platform. A year later, the bank information management plan, direct financing tools for bank financing pilot, bank finance centralized third party unified custody of the voice of rising again. Then in January 2015, the debt board deputy general manager Mei Shiyun attended the event said publicly, should accelerate the improvement of centralized registration system of bank financial market, accelerate the improvement of the central bank financial market information disclosure and investor education system. A recent hint appeared in the end of last month, the market was crazy pass CBRC will introduce new financial advice draft, which provides forty-fifth, commercial banks can not trust the bank issued financial products. Guo Tianyong, director of the China banking research center, Central University of Finance and Economics, said, do not let the bank custodian, mutual trust between banks also have some obstacles, the emergence of the hosting center to solve this problem. Flying single difficult to escape in recent years, with the financial market size continues to expand, there have been a variety of problems and risks. For example, has been plagued by the problem of information disclosure, due to the spread of information, the risk is not clear, and even some high-risk financial products posing as bank financial products are sold, investors can not tell. Bank flying single investor funds caused by the event of frequent damage. The establishment of the financial management registration center will effectively prevent such cases. A state-owned bank insiders said on相关的主题文章: