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Yi Jianlian bluntly – front watch bench is not easy to feel dissatisfied with difference (video)-sorpack

Yi Jianlian bluntly – front watch bench is not easy to feel dissatisfied with poor [collection] the Lakers nuggets 101-97 Yi Jianlian 3 4 people across the board to send dunk sports Losangeles news (reporter Tencent in October 8th in the old) against the Denver nuggets in the preseason, the Lakers last opponent was reversed, 97-101 lose, Season 1 wins 1 negative. For the first time in the Staples Center to the identity of the home team players Yi Jianlian debut in the game 6 cast in 1, contributing 3 points and 4 rebounds. Yi Jianlian after an interview with reporters while Yi Jianlian will have NBA experience before the reunification, but now into the NBA game and the Lakers coach Luke Wharton’s tactical system is not easy, after the last game played only three minutes later, a couplet is in today against the visiting Denver Nuggets team until the game to get the opportunity to play with. Although the offensive end long distance shot feel bad, the Arab Israeli joint or in attacking the basket, fouls, show their comprehensive skill for your teammates to cover and pass on the defensive end, Yi still the team to adapt to the role in the transposition frequently in positional warfare defense in showing his problems, but the final 3 points and 4 rebounds the performance also reflects their strength in the process of adaptation NBA game in progress. In this regard, the Arab League in a communication with reporters, said: Today substitute appearances, and finally did not grasp the game, a few times to deal with the ball did not handle well…… Today, the vacancy is out, but did not vote, as long as there is a cell phone will continue to sell…… For the fourth day before the game did not think too much, it is not the first means may play at various times, and finally as to adapt to the pace of the game, to adjust their status, this is not an easy thing, but also try to prepare." Back to NBA, Yi did not forget to thank the scene to their first home court appearance refueling China fans, and mentioned in Guangdong Hongyuan former teammates, now playing in Denver ‘s Mudie, "I saw a lot of China fans, very excited, also heard a voice, unfortunately there is no the final to win. Mudie has a lot of progress, promote breakthroughs, know how to use their physical advantage, overall view and so on are great progress, we talked about the day before, there was no college to play Chinese occupation League, is an unforgettable experience for him." It is not easy to adapt to the game, in addition to the Arab League to get more playing time and better looking data, we should also see him in the field of integration into the new team’s efforts. When teammate Black got technical fouls after a joint with his teammates something for him; in practice, Yi and Mozgov PK starting center to develop shot skill package three. Perhaps in the current structure of a four team, and several other players inside the competition of the Las also cannot easily obtain stable playing time, but we have reason to believe that he can step by step, in the next season before the regular season game and then the contribution to play more exciting. After all, his experience, range, flexibility and speed are needed for this young team.相关的主题文章:

Maternal diet during pregnancy for pregnant women were Sohu-yuanjiao

Note: pregnant women should consume during pregnancy diet were Sohu during pregnancy, a maternal and child food, vegetable and fruit, vegetables and fruits are low in calories, but also rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. So pregnant women need them, especially in the late. Vegetables and fruits are very healthy and natural foods that can provide you with nutrition. All kinds of dairy products, milk, cheese, yogurt is a rich source of vitamin D, calcium and protein. Therefore, pregnant women during pregnancy the best day to eat 3~4 copies of dairy products. Pregnant women should pay special attention to diet. Lean meat protein in order to provide the growth of the fetus, pregnant women should be added a lot of protein in the diet, such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, milk, nuts, etc.. And all kinds of cereal grain diet is very important for pregnant women, because they are a source of energy, but also provide iron, fiber and vitamin B. In addition, they also provide folic acid. Two, during pregnancy should be limited to food, fish and seafood fish meat protein is marine food, some fish rich in Omega -3 fatty acids, very good for the heart. But pregnant women should be restricted to eat, seafood is also the same. According to the study, pregnant women drink too much caffeine may cause miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, the recommended daily intake is below 200 mg, which is safe in this range. Three, pregnancy should avoid food, raw meat and raw food for pregnant women eating raw meat may be infected with Toxoplasma gondii, it will be from mother to baby, resulting in many days after the problems like blindness or mental disability. In order to avoid this problem, raw meat and any raw food, like sushi, sashimi, raw beef should be avoided. Pregnant women who have not been exposed to high temperature have a very high risk of food poisoning, such as Lester and Toxoplasma infection. In order to avoid this problem, pregnant women should avoid eating processed foods, as well as any food that has not been pasteurized. Alcoholic drinks, if the mother drinks alcohol, will be passed to the baby through the umbilical cord, leading to fetal alcohol spectrum syndrome, including behavioral disorders and physical problems. In addition, drinking alcohol may also cause miscarriage or premature delivery, so the best time to avoid drinking during pregnancy.相关的主题文章:

Subway station overnight electric vehicles stolen police Dundian arrests at frequency-winpm

Subway station "overnight" electric vehicles stolen police Dundian arrests at frequency around the subway station is a bicycle and electric bicycle theft in lots of preferred positions is the thief". Recently, Hangzhou police station received poplar several police cars stolen, stolen locations are concentrated in the vicinity of the sea road subway station. Here there is a blind area monitoring, detection is difficult, the thief is often easy to succeed and not easy to catch." To suppress the theft of arrogance, the fight against illegal and criminal acts, the criminal investigation squadron in poplar around the subway station to carry out overtime squat action. The deputy director of the Chen Tianhang arrangements, Dunshou players were divided into three groups, a group led by him, to carry out monitoring in the police station to find the target tracking, and the other two groups by the police led Mao Xuheng, squatting in the vicinity of Wenhai South Road subway station. October 31st at 1 pm, the video group found a man look around in the monitoring, "so late, there are problems!" Suspicious, immediately notify Chen Tianhang squatting in the vicinity of the undercover team, and told the man’s range. After receiving the instruction, Mao Xuheng immediately led the undercover team started tracking the man, found that it came to the electric car parked, very skillfully pry open the electric lock, then the stolen car moved to the outside. Succeed, the man did not leave, but turned back to the parking place, want to steal a car. This time, before the car pushed away, Mao Xuheng led the players rushed up, in the face of the police suddenly appeared, suspects Lee unable to deny, truthful account of the facts of the crime of theft of electric vehicles. Currently, Lee has been dispatched according to the law of criminal detention aspen.相关的主题文章:

The mother of other people’s home! Fuck for sleeping twins pose-antik

The mother of other people’s home! Fuck for sleeping twins pose do not know why, many mothers will sleep in their baby loudly told them some things, or get some sound naturally or half unconsciously. Recently, INS on a mother but take home a pair of twins sleep when they pose a variety of help. Now, let’s take a look at it. In the picture, the babies were Meng Chaoma put on a variety of all sorts of strange things posture, the princess and the prince to be eaten by sharks, a pair of adorable treasure in the music of the sea garden, and the twins with little clock pictures, each picture is good love. But my mother had babies toss in such a way, the children still did not wake up, which shows the quality of sleep ah. Netizens comment is also very interesting, some netizens said: "my mother will only mopping the floor when I sleep, afraid of noisy wake me." "My mom wakes up and I can’t sleep." "My mother wakes me up every morning before going to work every morning." "I also want to have twins, now there is a girlfriend." Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: