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Hong Kong stocks suffered 22 years of worst start, investors should be cautious bottom 剑网3猫婆婆的厨房

Hong Kong stocks suffered 22 years of "the worst start" investors should be cautious for bottom Sina Finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong level2 market first opened at the Hongkong stock market in February 11th after the mechanism of cards, because the holidays are outside the stock market fell sharply, so that investors overall risk aversion overall warming, the first trading day of the year of the monkey the Hang Seng Index has plunged, closing down 742 points, or 3.8%, the worst since 1994 lunar new year opening performance; and in February 12th, Hong Kong stocks continued to decline, the intraday low of 18278 points, a record low since June 2012. On the one hand, the decline in the "value depression" of Hong Kong stocks attractive, but there are also many market participants believe that the current global market are caught in panic, investors should be cautious "fishing bottom."". In two consecutive days of decline, the financial sector stocks appear larger losses, the Construction Bank (00939.HK), industrial and Commercial Bank of China (01398.HK) and China Bank (03988.HK) and other stocks hit record lows, and the banks shares on Friday fell more than 2%; insurance stocks also become one of the "hardest hit" on Friday, Chinese life (02628.HK) had dropped to the lowest since 2008 to HK $16.2, closing at HK $16.32, China insurance (02328.HK) and Chinese Ping (02318.HK) fell over 4%, Xinhua Insurance (01336.HK) also fell more than 3%. Market sources said, financial stocks hit or US hedge fund manager KyleBass a letter to investors, the letter said the potential loss of Chinese banking system will provide the United States banking system losses in the subprime mortgage crisis of 4 times or more, and the problem of bad loans may lead to loss of banking industry in mainland china. In addition to Chinese financial stocks, foreign financial stocks could not escape the catastrophe, HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) by a number of banks bearish, intraday stock price fell to HK $47.8, is a 7 year low; the same is bearish the Standard Chartered Bank (02888.HK) has dropped to the lowest since listing. Although the European stock markets on Friday have rebounded sharply, so many investors feel able to breathe a sigh of relief, but most of them think that global bigwigs decline unfinished, the next situation is not optimistic. JP Morgan chase asset management global strategist AlexDryden said, the market began to reflect the United States in the next 12 to 18 months will enter a recession, when the global central bank will be how to deal with global economic stagnation has become an uncertain factor, driving investors hedge. Merrill Lynch forecast on Friday will be the S & P 500 index value is reduced by 2200, reduced to 2000 points, although more than 1864.78 points on Friday and 7% of the increase, but still means that the S & P 500 index fell for two years, is the Internet bubble burst in 2001 after the first time. The bank believes that the "extreme" decline before the target is difficult to achieve, and liquidity shortage may lead to a short-term decline in the risk of significant. Citibank publishing theory

港股遭遇22年“最差开局” 投资者要慎重捞底 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   节后香港股市2月11日率先开市,由于假日期间外围股市都出现大幅下挫,让投资者整体避险情绪全面升温,猴年首个交易日恒指便出现大跌,收市下跌742点,跌幅达3.8%,为1994年以来最差的农历新年开市表现;而步入2月12日,港股延续跌势,盘中低见18278点,创下2012年6月以来的低位。下跌一方面让处于“价值洼地”的港股吸引力增大,但也有多名市场人士认为,目前全球市场均陷入恐慌中,投资者要慎重“捞底”。   在连续两日的跌势中,港股金融板块出现较大损失,建设银行(00939.HK)、工商银行(01398.HK)和中国银行(03988.HK)等个股都创下新低,且这几家银行股上周五的跌幅都超过2%;保险股也沦为“重灾区”之一,上周五中国人寿(02628.HK)曾跌至2008年以来的低位16.2港元,最终收报16.32港元,中国财险(02328.HK)及中国平安(02318.HK)跌超4%,新华保险(01336.HK)也下跌超过3%。   有市场人士称,金融股受到重创或与美国对冲基金经理KyleBass致投资者的一封信有关,这封信中称,中国银行体系的潜在损失将为美国银行体系在次贷危机时损失的4倍或以上,而不良贷款问题可能会导致内地银行业亏损。   除了中资金融股,外资金融股也难逃劫难,汇丰控股(00005.HK)被多家银行看淡,股价盘中一度跌至47.8港元,是7年以来的低位;同样被看淡的渣打银行(02888.HK)还曾跌到了上市以来的低位。   而尽管上周五欧美股市都出现大幅反弹,让不少投资者感觉可以喘一口气,但全球大佬们多数都认为跌势未完,接下来形势还不容乐观。   摩根大通资产管理环球策略员AlexDryden称,市场开始反映美国未来12至18个月将步入衰退,届时全球央行将如何应对环球经济停滞成为了不明朗的因素,驱使投资者避险。   美银美林则在上周五将标准普尔500指数的预测值降低了,由2200点降低至2000点,虽然比上周五的1864.78点还有7%的升幅,但仍意味着标准普尔500指数连续下跌两年,是2001年互联网泡沫破灭后的首次。该行认为,“极端”的跌势令之前的目标难以达到,而流动性不足可能将导致短期还有大幅下滑的风险。   花旗银行发布报告称,金融市场已用其定价方式,为全球衰退做出预示,不少大型机构投资者和投机人士都开始看淡市场,令“去风险化”情况加剧。花旗认为,现阶段难以预测市场何时跌完。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

premarket after hours 夏北阳光灿烂的日子

In February 16th 7 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 16, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 16th 7 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 16, 7 Bloomberg terminal trader ranking. 1) Beijing News: Li Keqiang said Chinese will be decisive shot when the shot 2) China foreign trade is expected to decline over the record surplus boost the yuan rose 3) economist Peng Bo Zhou Xiaochuan: some vocal internode questions remain unanswered: 4) Insider Yingli received 3 billion 300 million yuan RMB loans for debt restructuring 5) Greater China Stock Market: a strong rebound in the Hang Seng Index; a year on the first day of the Shanghai Budie; CNY rose; finance; 6) Hong Kong gaming trade data inflated again this time to suspicions of the transfer of funds to exit 7) Chinese 2015 the end of the fourth quarter of commercial bank non-performing loan rate 1.67% 8) picture of the city: Chinese net exports of refined oil prices or because the domestic price freeze 9 yuan) observation update the pace of Internationalization: fear will use the short-term exchange rate movements by the government to support the   10) economist Peng Bo: China exports sharply And that policy support imminent   11) China currencies: soaring onshore RMB after the import and export weakness; Chinese market surprise 12) Kaisa debt restructuring plan failed to get the 75% must support 13) China Merchants Securities: RMB pegging to a basket of currencies the strong dollar is a double-edged sword  ) in 14; China: the problem of non-performing loans without Bass said that serious Chinese: 15) bond repurchase is expected to decline over the rise; foreign trade; RMB rose; national debt default short financial speculation; 16) China aproud ushered in the national debt speculation era? Symbolic or greater than the real impact 17): Standard Chartered currency index first annual decline in the RMB internationalization will be the use of   18) Fitch: Chinese related asset quality is the key problem in the banking industry in Hongkong 19) Bank of East Asia hedge fund company refused to sell recommendations 20) China January actual use of foreign investment increased by 3.2% responsibility editor: Zhang Yujie SF107 2月16日7点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间16日彭博报道,以下为2月16日7点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于16日7点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。 1) 新京报:李克强称中国该出手时会果断出手 2) 中国外贸超预期下滑 顺差创纪录助推人民币大涨 3) 彭博经济学家:周小川节间发声 一些问题仍未得到解答 4) 知情人士:英利获33亿元人民币贷款用于债务重组 5) 大中华股市:恒指强劲反弹;沪指猴年首日补跌;CNY大涨;金融;博彩 6) 中港贸易数据虚增疑云再起 这回是为了把资金转移出境 7) 中国2015年四季度末商业银行不良贷款率1.67% 8) 看图论市:中国成品油净出口急挫 或因国内价格冻结 9) 人民币观察更新:国际化步伐恐将搁置 短期汇率走势获政府支撑  10) 彭博经济学家:中国出口的大幅下挫表明政策支持迫在眉睫  11) 中国汇市:在岸人民币节后大幅飙升;中国进出口疲势令市场大跌眼镜 12) 佳兆业集团债务重组计划未能获得必须的75%支持 13) 招商证券:人民币应钉住一篮子货币 强美元是把双刃剑  14) 中金:中国不良贷款问题没有Bass所说的那么严重 15) 中国债市:回购升;外贸超预期下滑;人民币大涨;全民炒债;亚邦短融违约 16) 中国迎来全民炒债时代?象征意义或大于实质影响 17) 渣打:人民币环球指数首次年度下降 人民币国际化将被搁置  18) 惠誉:中国相关资产质量是香港银行业的关键问题 19) 东亚银行拒绝对冲基金公司提出的出售建议 20) 中国1月份实际使用外资金额同比增长3.2% 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

the annual market strong need time. Empty void 篮球拉拉队口号

A shares continue to shock bottom closing has to pick up the ten blog market outlook Sina Hong Kong stocks fiery contest: 300 thousand bonus to recruit you to   Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client: speed Kanpan the most profitable investors in   surprised: intraday limit monitoring accuracy of 86.7% Sina Finance News February 1st news, Monday morning, the Shanghai and Shenzhen the two cities, Shanghai refers to the weak performance and continue to shock down, before once again fell below 2700 points; a small stocks eye-catching performance, gem relatively strong, intraday rose nearly 1%, but then also down turn green. Afternoon opening, stock index continued to fall concussion, banking, steel and coal sector continued to sell two times diving, intraday stock index fell to expand to 3%, low of 2655.62 points, two cities near the late rebound, stock index decline narrowed to 2%. Ye Rongtian: February A shares will be the super reversal overall, February is not worried about the risk, but to worry about whether your heart stand soaring after stimulation, back to the temptation. Naughty: inside this week to be held up until the year after this week, regardless of whether the market has low, investors have suggested that naughty Chinese New year! If you want to take the chance, you can continue to combine the new! His brother: why Kanpan difficult market rebound for market rebound in such a difficult situation, the management of the rapid reduction in speech ready to accept either course, turnover, and unfair trading system is still the biggest root. Jinding: snow sends spring return when the flowers are blooming for a tiny change of this reaction is out of this point, have to take advantage of funds fell hunters, after quickly fell by 1000, we should not be overly optimistic nor blindly pessimistic, the calm, wait we are looking for the right to buy point. Three trends: the causes of probability is not effective in the diving market market fell below year ago, is around 2700 points near the repeated shocks, that is, the recent market will be in a new interval 2600 to run between 2750 points. He Qunrong: A shares once again climbed out from the jaws of death taking into account the current market has fallen below 2850, the poor form of technology. The long-term investment can choose high-quality stocks layout, but in the short-term operation remain cautious, the short term, the market is not a firm 2850 words temporarily difficult to get rid of the weak situation. A: and every market strong market needs time dropping 2638 points after the rising power gradually increased, but because the market is not stable mentality, so the size of the disk index fluctuation range is large, but also because of this, in the absence of good policy background, the annual market strong need time. Empty void: the market to go xianyihouyang the Spring Festival market if there is support, then the overall go convergence of the triangle, so the Spring Festival Red, but also have a little. Zhang Zhongqin: the 2600 point mark or before the fall of   then combined with the actual market performance, too weak, do not rule out the stock index in the pre fall of 2600 point mark may. On A股继续震荡筑底 尾盘有所回暖 十大博客看后市 新浪港股大赛火热招募:30万奖金等你来  新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   惊:盘中监控涨停 准确率达86.7%    新浪财经讯 2月1日消息,周一早盘,沪深两市低开,沪指表现弱势并持续震荡下行,午前再度跌破2700点;中小创个股表现抢眼,创业板较为强势,盘中一度涨近1%,但随后也回落翻绿。午后开盘,沪指持续震荡走低,银行、钢铁、煤炭等板块持续杀跌,两市多次跳水,沪指盘中跌幅扩大至3%,低见2655.62点,临近尾盘两市有所回暖,沪指跌幅收窄至2%。   叶荣添:2月A股将现超级反转   总体来看,2月份不是担心风险的时候,而是要担心你心脏是否受得了暴涨的刺激,回本后的诱惑。   淘气天尊:本周持股待涨直至到年后   不论本周市场是否有新低,淘气都建议投资者持股过年!想碰运气的,可以继续打新相结合!   彬哥看盘:为何大盘难有反弹   对于市场出现这样难有反弹的局面,管理层模棱两可的言论,成交量的急速缩减,以及不公平的交易制度依然是最大的根本。   金鼎:风雪送春归 静待山花烂漫时   这一点细小的变化反应出来的是在此点位,已经有资金向趁大跌抄底了,在快速大跌了1000之后,目前我们不必过分乐观也不必一味悲观,保持冷静,耐心等待我们所期待的右侧买点。   趋势:三大原因引发大盘跳水   大盘在年前有效跌破的概率不大,最终是围绕2700点附近反复震荡,也就是,近期大盘将在一个新的区间2600点到2750点之间运行。   何群荣:A股再度从鬼门关爬出来   考虑到大盘目前已经跌破2850,技术形态较差。长期的投资可以选择优质股布局,但中短期的操作保持谨慎,短期来看,大盘不站稳2850的话则暂时难以摆脱弱势局面。   一和家家:大盘走强需要时日    大盘下探2638点后上涨动力逐步增强,但因为市场心态不稳,所以大小盘指数波动区间较大,也因为如此,在没有政策大利好的背景下,年报行情走强需要时日。   空空道人:大盘要走先抑后扬的春节行情了   如果有支撑,那么整体就走收敛三角形了,这样春节的红包,不大但也有了。   张中秦:大盘2600点关口或在节前失守     再结合当前市场实际表现看,实在太弱了,不排除沪指在节前就失守2600点关口的可能。   老渔民:股民想过好年应该何时补仓     所以如果要补仓,又想过要好,最好是周三以后补,因为这样最多只会吃到一两个跌停,当然心态最更差的人,可以考虑最后一天收盘前买,买了以后至少九天不有担心大跌了。   (阿筝)     点击查看更多博文 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

an increase of 2.8%. Collection box 炫舞神兽萌萌在哪里

The port container industry growth rate continued to rise significantly improve the total securities of the Yangtze River port industry report 9 released June 12, report as follows: the report points for 2016 years 8 months, the national port container throughput of 1.93 TEU million, an increase of 6.8%; the port cargo throughput of 10.00 million tons, an increase of 2.8%. Collection box: RMB devaluation continues to affect the growth rate sharply higher. In August, the year-on-year growth rate of China’s container throughput increased by 1.9 percentage points to 6.8%. Since May this year, the port container throughput growth into the unilateral we believe that the improvement of channel, the main reason is the continuing devaluation of the RMB brings cost advantages: RMB out of the wave of rapid devaluation of the market, the dollar against the RMB exchange rate from 6.4565 in early May to 6.6684 today. At the same time, according to China’s import and export data in August showed that exports year-on-year growth rate of -2.8% (U.S. dollar denominated, higher than the market expected value of -4%), down 1.6 percentage points lower than the previous month, of which the United States, Europe, sunrise growth rate improved. Throughput of foreign trade port has been rising and falling. In case the three major trade port of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, the throughput of up and down: the first port container throughput of Shanghai port to maintain a high growth rate, an increase of 4.8%, the growth rate unchanged; the trend of Shenzhen port is relatively weak, down 1.3%; Ningbo port throughput gains strong growth of 8.8% last month rose further to 11.7%. Bulk cargo: economic stabilization, bulk pick up, the growth rate improved significantly. In August, the national port cargo throughput growth rate increased by 2.6 percentage points to 2.8% over the previous month (0.3%), and the growth rate increased significantly. We believe that in August the domestic economy showed signs of stabilization, while domestic commodity demand and superimposed exports improved, is an important reason for a substantial increase in the total: in August, domestic manufacturing PMI at 50.4%, up 0.5 percentage points in August, at the same time, the domestic iron ore import volume to 87 million 720 thousand tons, an increase of 18.3%, compared with the growth rate last month rose 15.7 percentage points. Ore transport growth picks up. From the port point of view, the main ore handling port throughput has picked up: Tangshan port, Rizhao Port and Qingdao port throughput increased by 3%, 8% and 6.1%, respectively, compared with 5.5%, 5.8% and 3.6% last month to maintain a good level. From the point of view of the region, the throughput of Bohai, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta improved by 5.59%, 0.73% and 4.07% respectively. Among them, the Bohai port throughput growth rate increased by 3.79 percentage points, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta throughput growth of 0.66 and 0.86 percentage points. The continuous improvement of box growth rate indicates the opportunity of stage allocation. In case we had expected growth as continuous improvement, at the same time as the port plate this year or larger, with some compensatory growth power. In order to suggest concerned about the high flexibility of container port: A, Yantian, Chiwan Port Group, Yingkou port and Ningbo port.

港口行业:集箱增速持续走高 总量明显改善 长江证券9月12日发布港口行业研究报告,报告摘要如下:   报告要点2016 年8 月,全国港口集装箱吞吐量1.93 万TEU,同比上升6.8%;全国港口货物吞吐量为10.00 亿吨,同比上涨2.8%。集箱:人民币贬值影响持续,增速大幅走高。8 月全国集装箱吞吐量同比增速较上月上升1.9 个百分点至6.8%。自今年5 月以来,港口集装箱吞吐量增速进入单边改善通道,我们认为,其主要原因是人民币持续性贬值带来的成本优势:人民币走出一波快速贬值行情,美元兑人民币汇率中间价由5 月初的6.4565 提升至今日的6.6684。同时,根据中国8 月进出口数据显示,出口同比增速为-2.8%(美元计价,高于市场预期值-4%),较上月跌幅收窄1.6 个百分点,其中对美、欧、日出口增速均呈现改善。外贸大港吞吐量有涨有跌。三大主要外贸港上海、宁波、深圳的集箱吞吐量有涨有跌:集装箱第一大港上海港吞吐量维持较高的增速,同比上涨4.8%,增速环比持平;深圳港走势相对疲软,同比下降1.3%;宁波港吞吐量涨势强劲,较上月增速8.8%进一步上涨至11.7%。散货:经济企稳大宗回暖,增速改善显著。8 月,全国港口货物吞吐量增速较上月(0.3%)增加2.6 个百分点至2.8%,增速显著提升。我们认为,8 月国内经济呈现企稳迹象,同时国内大宗商品需求回暖,叠加出口改善,是总量大幅增长的重要原因:8 月,国内制造业PMI 报收50.4%,较上月提升0.5 个百分点,同时,8 月国内铁矿石进口数量报收8772 万吨,同比增长18.3%,增速较上月上涨15.7 个百分点。矿运增速回升。分港口来看,主要矿石装卸港吞吐量有所回暖:唐山港、日照港和青岛港吞吐量分别同比增长3.0%、8.0%和6.1%,较上月5.5%、5.8%和3.6%维持较好水平。分区域来看,环渤海、长三角和珠三角地区吞吐量总体改善,分别同比上涨5.59%、0.73%和4.07%。其中,环渤海港口吞吐量增速环比提升3.79 个百分点,长三角和珠三角吞吐量增速环比上涨0.66 和0.86 个百分点。集箱增速持续改善,提示阶段性配置机会。集箱增速如我们此前预期持续改善,同时由于港口板块今年跌幅较大,具有一定补涨动力。建议依次关注高弹性的集装箱港口:深赤湾A、盐田港、上港集团、营口港和宁波港。相关的主题文章: