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对于原煤需求的影响在加剧 诛天浩劫

The recovery of coal and steel industry is expected to increase, futures rebounded significantly – Sohu finance accompanied by a huge amount of social credit in January, stock investment and real estate prices obviously "hot" up, coal, iron and steel and other commodity futures prices also rebounded significantly. However, the industry said, in the face of slow progress in production capacity, coal, steel as the representative of excess capacity recovery industry is expected to go far, still need to be observed. "After the Spring Festival, the price of steel related to the trend of the company’s stock prices rise day by day, but unfortunately we hoard a little less goods." Wang Sheng, a steel dealer in Shijiazhuang, said that although prices have improved, sales have not improved significantly, and may wait to see. "Shanghai’s housing prices are crazy, the building materials industry still hopes for real estate."." Wang Sheng said. In fact, like Wang Sheng hope and A stock market of iron and steel, cement, coal and other sectors, even the day to increase the forefront, and the iron ore and steel futures prices also rose significantly, which represents investors to industry overcapacity is expected to recover. Wang Jun, President of the founder of the medium-term Research Institute, said that the more obvious cyclical industries, such as coal, steel and so on, were more sensitive to the demand, and that the demand side recovery was expected to be strong. Especially after the introduction of credit data in January, the funds to do more enthusiasm is high. Reporters found that some investors see the January credit record amount of days to be opened by the end of 2008 similar stimulus, although most people can not believe again "4 trillion" effect, but a real estate price — fact also affects people’s investment expectations. Many stock groups, futures groups and other WeChat investment class exchange group recently focused on the property market. Although investors discuss the real estate heat unabated, but in the past two years, such as Wang Sheng, steel, coal intermediate trade dealers less and less, coal, steel prices continued to decline, leading to thinner and thinner enterprise profits, inventories of upstream and downstream enterprises is becoming smaller and smaller. According to the investigation situation of Shanxi Fen Wei Energy Consulting Co., Ltd., at present, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other main producing areas of coal mine inventory is generally low, and because of its serious losses, generally through the production stop to save wages and other expenses. And the inventory of downstream power plants is only about a week on average. Overall, however, the steel and coal industry is still slow to go. Guotai Junan Securities latest estimates show that the steel industry with 5 years to about 10% of production capacity, compared with the "12th Five-Year" period to remove about 90000000 tons of production capacity and no substantive breakthrough. At present, the steel industry overcapacity rate has exceeded 25%, while the demand for downstream products such as steel continues to shrink, the multiplier effect is transferred to the demand for crude steel, overcapacity has the risk of expansion. Guotai Junan Securities said that the coal industry with 3~5 years to go directly to the production capacity of 5 tons, equivalent to about 9% of the current capacity, only 1/3 of excess capacity, while reducing production capacity of 5 tons of reorganization, relative to the direct shut down capacity, relatively weak. Like the iron and steel industry, the demand for coal downstream products continues to shrink, and the impact on the demand for raw coal is in place.

煤炭钢铁行业复苏预期增强 期货近期明显反弹-搜狐理财   伴随1月份社会信贷巨量投放,股票投资和房地产价格明显又“热”起来,煤炭、钢铁等大宗商品期货价格也出现明显反弹。不过,业内人士表示,面对去产能进展缓慢的现状,煤炭、钢铁为代表的过剩产能行业复苏预期能走多远,仍需要观察。   “过完春节,钢材价格就一 相关公司股票走势 天一个价格地上涨了,可惜我们囤的货有点少。”石家庄一位叫王胜的钢材经销商说,尽管价格有所提高,但销售情况并没有明显起色,可能还要再等等看。   “上海的房价都疯了,建材行业对房地产还抱有希望。”王胜说。其实,和王胜一样抱有希望的还有A股市场上钢铁、水泥、煤炭等板块,连日来涨幅位居前列,而铁矿石、钢材等期货价格也出现明显涨幅,这均代表着市场投资者对过剩产能行业复苏的预期。   方正中期研究院院长王骏说,目前上涨较为明显的都是煤炭、钢铁等周期性行业,而且资金对此敏感,对需求端恢复的预期强烈。特别是1月份信贷数据出台后,资金做多热情很高。   记者调查发现,有的投资者把1月信贷创天量视同为开启类似2008年年底的刺激政策,尽管多数人并不认为能再次产生“4万亿”的效果,但一线房地产价格狂飙的事实也在影响着人们的投资预期。不少股票群、期货群等微信投资类交流群近期的关注焦点放在了楼市上。   尽管投资者讨论房地产的热度不减,但这两年来像王胜这样的钢材、煤炭中间贸易经销商越来越少了,煤炭、钢铁价格持续下滑导致企业利润越来越薄,上下游企业存货量越来越小。   根据山西汾渭能源咨询有限公司的调研情况看,目前山西、内蒙等主产地煤矿库存普遍偏低,而且由于自身亏损严重,普遍通过停产来节省工资等费用。而且下游电厂库存也平均仅维持在一个星期左右。   不过整体上看,钢铁、煤炭行业的去产能进展仍然缓慢。国泰君安证券最新测算显示,钢铁行业用5年时间去产能10%左右,相较于“十二五”期间去掉9000多万吨产能并没有实质性突破。目前钢铁行业产能过剩率已超过25%,同时钢材等下游产品的需求持续萎缩,正以乘数效应传递到粗钢需求,产能过剩程度有扩大的风险。   国泰君安证券表示,煤炭行业用3~5年时间直接去产能5亿吨,相当于目前产能的9%左右,仅过剩产能中的三分之一,同时减量重组产能5亿吨,相对于直接关停去产能,力度相对较弱。与钢铁行业一样,煤炭下游产品需求持续萎缩,对于原煤需求的影响在加剧。   方正证券分析师郭磊称,当前去产能的力度远低于预期,可能和年初汇率波动后政策重点有所调整有关。维护人民币资产的预期稳定性成政策要守卫的第一目标。而要维护人民币资产的预期稳定性,需要稳定增长率预期。   其实,这一思路在1月份信贷数据当中也有所体现。央行公开数据显示,去年1月企业债券净融资1863亿,而今年1月暴增至4547亿,同比暴增144%。去年规模工业企业在利润下降2.3%的情况下,企业融资暴增的很大可能性是因为债务展期。   郭磊表示,未来市场风险因素在于政策蕴含的微妙矛盾性,比如金融支持工业与供给侧收缩、高信贷与去杠杆、通胀预期与汇率稳定、库存去化与房价风险,这种矛盾性在目前看来是不够清晰的。相关的主题文章:

将于2月16日开放预售包含PC在内的Oculus Rift套装 新余学院学报

Oculus compatible PC suite presale next week: starting at $1499, Sina Technology News Beijing time on February 10th morning news, over the past period of time, Oculus is working with ASUS, Alienware and DELL to develop PC to support its virtual reality devices. Oculus announced on Tuesday that it will open a Oculus Rift suite, including PC, in February 16th, with a start price of $1499. In the case of buying a suit, the price of PC will have a discount of 100 to 200 dollars. The suite includes Oculus Rift, PC games, motion sensors, a Xbox One handle, and the accompanying games, including EVE: Valkyrie Founder ‘s Pack and Lucky’ s Tale ‘, which are sufficient to support Rift. This package will be shipped in April of this year. At present, the outside world can more clearly understand the final cost of using Rift equipment. Without PC, Rift sells for 599 dollars alone. It will be a high-end product with a target population of fever class PC and console gamers, rather than casual users. The price of Oculus Rift is much higher than Samsung’s virtual reality device Gear VR. Oculus also participated in the development of Gear VR, and this product needs to cooperate with Samsung Galaxy mobile phone use. The price of this mobile phone is about 600 dollars. Therefore, the price of Rift suits is two times as much as that of Gear VR and smart phones. From next week, users will be able to make reservations through best buy, Amazon and Microsoft online stores. If you have booked Rift, you can upgrade to buy a package containing PC. These users can get a discount code through the previous booking page. If you don’t know whether an existing PC can support Rift, you can verify it by pages provided by Oculus or by running compatibility checking tools. The question now is whether Oculus can attract enough users for Rift at this price. And only attract enough users, developers will develop the game for this platform. In the next year, many vendors will force virtual reality devices, so these new platforms will be very competitive for third party games and other content. (Wei Jin)

兼容Oculus的PC套装下周预售:起步价1499美元   新浪科技讯 北京时间2月10日上午消息,过去一段时间,Oculus正与华硕、Alienware和戴尔合作,开发支持其虚拟现实设备的PC。Oculus周二宣布,将于2月16日开放预售包含PC在内的Oculus Rift套装,起步价格为1499美元。   在购买套装的情况下,PC的价格将有100至200美元的折扣。这一套装中包括Oculus Rift、性能足以支持Rift的游戏PC、运动传感器、一个Xbox One手柄,以及附带的游戏,包括《EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack》和《Lucky’s Tale》。这一套装将于今年4月发货。   目前,外界可以更清楚地了解使用Rift设备的最终成本。不含PC在内,Rift的单独售价为599美元。这将是一款高端产品,其目标人群是发烧级PC和主机游戏玩家,而非休闲用户。   Oculus Rift套装的价格远高于三星的虚拟现实设备Gear VR。Oculus也参与了Gear VR的开发,而这款产品需要配合三星Galaxy手机使用。这一手机的价格约为600美元。因此,Rift套装的价格是Gear VR搭配智能手机的两倍。   从下周开始,用户将可以通过百思买、亚马逊和微软在线商店进行预订。如果已预订过Rift,那么可以升级购买含PC在内的套装。这些用户可以通过此前的预订页面获得优惠折扣码。如果不确定现有PC能否支持Rift,那么可以通过Oculus提供的页面或运行兼容检查工具去确认。   目前的问题在于,Oculus能否在这一价格上为Rift吸引到足够多的用户。而只有吸引到足够多的用户,开发者才会为这一平台开发游戏大作。未来一年内,许多厂商都将发力虚拟现实设备,因此这些新平台对第三方游戏和其他内容的竞争将会非常激烈。(维金)相关的主题文章:

Morgan Stanley 曲高和寡的意思

Morgan: interim is still bearish on the euro target 1.07 global foreign exchange February 19th — Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) on Friday (February 19th) said in a weekly customer, risk sentiment material further warming background, should do more than the U.S. dollar against the traditional financing currency, the dollar high short interest arbitrage currency. The bank’s view is as follows: the risk appetite is further warming, which will benefit foreign exchange with higher return. The Fed’s stability, rising commodity prices and U.S. economic data steady means from two aspects: the dollar trading dollar long traditional financing currency, the dollar high short interest arbitrage currency. As the downside risk of the euro has risen, the current profits may be far ahead of expectations. The rise in the cost of bank financing may increase the consolidation pressure on the balance sheet and tighten the credit standard. So the ECB needs more boost. In the latest round of the rise, the euro has a negative correlation with risk appetite, but this association may begin to weaken. Eurozone credit concerns may break the negative correlation between the two, as seen in 2008 and 2011. Despite the strategic bullish risk sentiment shown last week, the euro remains bearish in the medium term. In addition, Morgan Stanley in the strategic portfolio from 1.1360 short Euro dollars, revised stop at 1.1210 level, the target to see the 1.0700 line. Global currency exchange center showed that Beijing time 14:28, Euro dollar 1.112425. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

大摩:中期仍看跌欧元 目标下看1.07   环球外汇2月19日讯–摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)周五(2月19日)在客户周报中指出,风险情绪料进一步升温背景下,宜做多美元兑传统融资货币,做空美元兑高套息货币。   该行观点如下:   风险情绪料进一步升温,将令较高收益率外汇尤为受益。美联储维稳,商品价格的上涨及美国经济数据的持稳意味着可从两方面交易美元:做多美元兑传统融资货币,做空美元兑高套息货币。   由于欧元下行风险已提升,当前持仓盈利可能远超出预期。银行融资成本的上涨可能增加了资产负债表的整合压力,令信用标准收紧。因此欧洲央行需带来更多提振。      在最新一轮上涨中,欧元与风险偏好维持负相关关联,不过这种关联可能开始走弱。欧元区信贷忧虑可能打破二者间的负相关关联,如2008年和2011年所见一样。   尽管如上周所陈述,策略性看涨风险情绪,但中期仍看跌欧元。   此外,摩根士丹利在策略组合中自1.1360做空欧元 美元,修正后止损设于1.1210水平位,目标下看1.0700一线。   环球外汇行情中心显示,北京时间14:28,欧元 美元报1.1124 25。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

国内市场上 太原理工大学学生处

ZTE Mobile Phone Coaching veteran Yan Yimin from twenty-first Century economic report had Xuezhong ZTE Tibet Jin reported in Shenzhen released a new appointment of executive director Yin Yimin replaced Ceng Xuezhong as general manager of business department in charge of the terminal, ZTE mobile phone business, replacing Ceng Xuezhong in the end division general manager, and as the company EVP to assist the work of Yin yimin. In October 24th, ZTE issued an internal document to appoint the executive director of the company, Yin Yin, as the head of the company’s mobile phone business, and the executive director of the terminal division as the executive director. Ceng Xuezhong, director of mobile phone, who has been performing his duties for nearly 3 years, will continue to serve as vice president of ZTE and assist Yin Yimin in his work. The last day of 2013, ZTE terminal division was established, "Young Turks" Ceng Xuezhong to succeed He Shiyou as executive vice president, responsible for the terminal operations. After taking office, has Xuezhong ZTE terminal for comprehensive reform, abandoned machine sea tactics, focusing on product innovation. However, with the gradual saturation of the market, the increasingly fierce competition in smartphones, ZTE’s mobile phone market performance has not improved greatly. Data show that in 2015, despite ZTE’s global smartphone sales reached 56 million units, the domestic sales of only 15 million units. This achievement is far from HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic manufacturers. At the beginning of this year’s 2015 work summary, Ceng Xuezhong pointed out that in 2015, 56 million smartphone shipments did not complete the year 60 million goals, ranking seventh in the world. He believes that ZTE mobile phone in China’s biggest mistakes and deficiencies, there are two: first, strategic errors, no early insight into consumer switching trends and channel switching trends, missed the outlet. Second, the inherent control model, brand and other short board, has not been fully promoted. According to ZTE’s earnings report, ZTE revenue of 100 billion 190 million yuan in 2015, the first breakthrough in 100 billion, an increase of 23% compared to 2014. Among them, the operator network business income of 57 billion 220 million yuan; government and business to achieve operating income of 10 billion 500 million yuan; consumer business revenue of 32 billion 470 million yuan. ZTE in coaching after the appointment of the open letter pointed out that ZTE three existing businesses, compared to mobile phone system equipment and cnge has the greatest opportunity and challenge, and pointed out that the "coaching" strategic position to enhance the mobile phone business and management level. The incoming Yin Yimin, is one of the 5 top ZTE founder Hou Weigui hand cultivate. As a "veteran", he served as executive director of ZTE for 19 years. 2004-2010, Yin Yimin also has served as president of ZTE Corporation, 2010 Shi Lirong took over, Yin Yimin as company directors. Statistics show that after retiring, Yin Yimin in addition to continue to serve as executive directors of the listed company, was appointed as the parent company ZTE ZTE new chairman. Here, many internal participation in the launch of investment companies, investment funds, contributed to a number of equity companies listed on the A shares. Return the Yin Yimin, the challenge is not small: the domestic market, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo and other domestic manufacturers have been carved up most of the market share, and in.

中兴手机换帅 “老将”殷一民接替曾学忠21世纪经济报道 藏瑾 深圳报道中兴通讯发布新任命,执行董事殷一民接替曾学忠为终端业务部总经理,主管中兴通讯手机业务,免去曾学忠中端事业部总经理职务,并作为公司EVP协助殷一民工作。10月24日,中兴内部发文任命公司执行董事殷一民为公司手机业务负责人,以执行董事身份兼任终端事业部总经理。已经履职近3年的现手机负责人曾学忠将将继续担任中兴全球副总裁,协助殷一民工作。2013年最后一天,中兴终端事业部成立,“少壮派”曾学忠接替何士友出任执行副总裁,全面负责终端业务的运营。上任后,曾学忠力主中兴终端全面转型变革,弃机海战术,聚焦产品创新。然而,随着市场的日渐饱和智能手机竞争的日益残酷,中兴手机的市场表现并未有大的起色。数据显示,2015年,尽管中兴智能手机全球销量达5600万台,国内销量仅为1500万台。这一成绩与华为、小米、OPPO、VIVO等国内厂商相去甚远。在今年年初的2015年工作总结中曾学忠指出,2015年5600万智能手机发货量未完成全年6000万部的目标,位居全球第七。他认为中兴手机在国内最大的失误和不足有两条:第一,战略失误,没有提前洞察到消费者转换趋势和渠道转换趋势,错过风口。第二,固有的管控模式、品牌等短板,没有得到充分提升。根据中兴公司财报,2015年中兴通讯营收1001.9亿元人民币,首次突破千亿,较2014年增长23.0%。其中,运营商网络业务实现营业收入572.2亿元人民币;政企业务实现营业收入105.0亿元人民币;消费者业务实现营业收入324.7亿元人民币。中兴公司在“换帅”任命后的内部公开信指出,中兴通讯现有的三大业务中,手机相比系统设备和政企网存在着最大的机会和挑战,并指出“换帅”旨在提升手机业务的战略地位和管理等级。即将上任的殷一民,是中兴创始人侯为贵一手培养出的5位高层之一。作为一员“老将”,其担任中兴通讯执行董事达19年之久。2004-2010年,殷一民还曾担当中兴通讯股份公司总裁,2010年史立荣接任后,殷一民留任公司董事。资料显示,卸任后,殷一民除继续担任上市公司执行董事外,被聘任为中兴通讯母公司中兴新的董事长。此间,多次内部参与发起投资公司、投资基金,促成了多家参股公司在A股上市。此番殷一民的回归,面临的挑战并不小:国内市场上,华为、OPPO、vivo等国内厂商已瓜分大部分市场份额,而中兴长期依赖运营商定制,线下渠道几乎空白,如何在手机血海中全面提升品牌、渠道、产品,寻得立锥之地,是个难题;同样地,虽然海外市场表现优于国内,但是依然高度依赖运营商定制,利润相对微薄,如何提升产品品牌、价格和毛利,考验同样巨大。更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章: