Career Academy, Guangxi alleged illegal enrollment forced students to work part-time profit-candy boy

Guangxi economic suspected of illegal recruitment was forced to Career Academy students working profit China business news (Xu Xiao) recently, a number of Career Academy students to "Guangxi economic Chinese business newspaper" reporter to reflect, the school sophomore forced to factory to participate in social practice for a period of 3 months, and forced Junior to designated units in the 6 month internship post, do not give credit and not to participate in the graduation certificate. This caused a lot of dissatisfaction with students, hoping to find their own internship units, rather than a unified arrangement by the school. September 21st, the school said in an interview with reporters, there is no mandatory, students can voluntarily choose internships and internship positions, and the official website of the school issued a statement to explain. According to the students provided by the 2015 student internship table shows that the school clearly arranged for students to go to Jiangsu, Guangdong, and the breakdown of the class, professional and number. Do not go to graduate, or pay more than 1000 yuan renovation costs." 2015 accounting professional Li Hao (a pseudonym) told reporters that the practice content and not professional counterparts, their first job is to line up the place to go by, and then inserted into the host, so repeat one day. Responsible for the Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou ASUS electronics factory recruitment director Liu told reporters that the economy of Guangxi Career Academy students also practice here, "the plant is very short, if a worker who introduced here, as long as the work of a full month, who can get 1000~3000 yuan fee, which is the industry open secret." It is understood that the school arranged in Suzhou Industrial Park sophomore 206. Some students questioned the school or from the introduction of fees and students half of the wages. The students are forced to practice and graduation certificate linked according to the Guangxi Economic Administration Office of Career Academy September 1st released on the organization 2014 students to participate in the internship, internship notice "from September 8th to January 10, 2017, for a period of 6 months. Among them, the notice stressed that in order to ensure the participatory poverty students employment, the school will arrange them to their major or similar positions on the internship. Many students told reporters reflect, the actual practice is to go to the factory line dry work and toil, the specialty is not counterparts, internship and credits, graduation certificates linked, does not obey the arrangement will not get a diploma. Students have said they hope to find their own internship units, rather than a unified arrangement by the school. 2015 accounting professional Li Hao in an interview with reporters working in the warehouse. It is understood that, in August 20th, he was arranged by the school to Suzhou ASUS computer electronics factory, you need to practice for 3 months, do not go to graduate, or pay more than $1000 renovation fee." Li Hao told reporters that the work is hard, some girls do, hand swollen feet blistering, even faints. "The school always take the graduation certificate and credit overtook us, we live like a dog’s life." 2014 project cost professional Wang Liang (a pseudonym) told reporters, about to graduate, they will not be happy. It is understood that the school gives the unit selection range package相关的主题文章: