CAITONG funds are keen to play new rehuoshangshen’s 4 products suspected of

CAITONG funds are keen to play new rehuoshangshen? 4 of its products suspected of illegal Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! China Economic Net Beijing on September 9th news (reporter Zhang Jie) the stock market continued to make institutions more interested on the earthquake hit the net of new shares. But even now play the new rules have changed, playing the new market is still facing the situation, almost hit the shares board nailed mean earnings, but the small probability of how to crack? Then, some institutions to use excess funds to rush into danger, the declaration of new shares, in order to seek greater benefits. According to publicly reported two plane media, including 4 public offering funds, CAITONG institution’s products exists abnormal phenomenon in the purchase of new shares in the declaration. It CAITONG funds, 4 funds were suspected of illegal is the value of money funds, CAITONG growth momentum mixing optimization of mixed fund, CAITONG fund and multi mixed strategy selection CAITONG Multi Strategy hybrid funds to upgrade. As of press time, has not yet found CAITONG Fund issued any official statement on the matter. Suspected of illegal things according to the provisions of the "sequence of events publicly raised securities investment fund management approach" in article thirty-second, the fund assets to participate in the subscription of newly issued stocks, the total assets of the fund shall be declared by the amount in excess of the fund, the number of fund shares shall not exceed the declared shares to be issued the company issued shares of the total the situation. The reporter learned that, in actual operation, some institutions are often far beyond the scale of their funds to participate in IPOs allocated more shares to declare. The exposure source alleged irregularities in the Bank of Jiangsu IPO. In July, the Bank of Jiangsu launched a IPO net placement, the final total of 2174 valid quote placing objects, including the four products of the fund’s money through the. From the announcement, this four funds price of 6.27 yuan to the top box purchase 808 million shares, equivalent to 5 billion 66 million yuan of funds, however, semi annual report shows that as of June 30th, these 4 funds total assets have not reached 5 billion 66 million yuan. Among them, the value of money growth momentum, CAITONG optimization, CAITONG upgrading strategy selection, CAITONG Multi Strategy Scale were 889 million yuan, 931 million yuan, 2 billion 812 million yuan, 4 billion 776 million yuan. And from the Fund recently released a number of related announcements can be found, the size of the total assets of these funds did not change, there is no huge growth. Relevant personage points out, because the Bank of Jiangsu is listed in the August IPO, the existence of 2 months fund influx is not to say, but this may only for individual funds, it is entirely possible to appear since the three quarter of some fund inflows, but if the fund size changes little, facing the new regulations the risk. Reporters learned that, in fact, due to compliance requirements, the majority of the fund will be in accordance with the new game to declare the red line of the total assets, while placing the amount of money in the Bank of Jiangsu in front of the theory相关的主题文章: