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Cai Yingwen angered Taiwan, enterprises want to "escape"? Cai Yingwen, President of Sohu Taiwan region recently appeared to be increasingly tough attitude towards the mainland, cross-strait relations will continue to deteriorate. Cai Yingwen 10 in the "double ten celebration" speech to mention the "92 consensus", to "respect talks history" with the phrase too. The move once again seems to annoy the mainland, Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman said Ann Fengshan, whether or not to accept the "92 consensus", is the leader of the Taiwan authorities, the so-called "good" touchstone. Deny the "92 consensus", inciting cross-strait confrontation, cutting the cross-strait economic and social and cultural ties, is a dead wrong. From 20 to 5· "ten", because of Cai Yingwen’s "confrontation" attitude, not only directly affects the tourism industry in Taiwan, Taiwan enterprises have also been affected the deterioration of cross-strait relations. Formosa Plastics Group factory according to the "Japanese economic news" reported that the Taiwan plastic industry company chairman Lin Jiannan said, will take initiatives in India, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa market policy, significantly reduced dependence on Chinese market. He also said that it would fully committed to the sale of China’s economic growth in India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries other than china. 1-9 last month, China’s contribution to the group’s sales accounted for about 26.5% of overall sales, while 1-9 fell to this year, is expected next year, the contribution rate will be less than 20%. Taiwan plastic industry and Formosa Petrochemical, Taiwan chemical fiber, South Asia plastic industry as Taiwan’s largest industrial complex enterprise Formosa Plastics Group’s listed companies. In April this year, Formosa Plastics Group’s Vietnam steel plant was refers to the discharge of pollutants caused by the death of a large number of central Vietnam coastal shoal, causing serious damage to the Vietnamese coastal towns in the tourism industry, about 200 thousand of the livelihood of the people affected, including 41 thousand fishermen. The Vietnamese government officials said, has paid $500 million a day before the Formosa Plastics Group (about 3 billion 340 million yuan). However, Lin Jiannan, chairman of the Vietnamese market is still confident that the event will not have an impact on the sales plan. Taipei Yuan Securities investment adviser said, China outside the market business, the Formosa Plastics Group increased significantly in India polyethylene sales. Polyethylene is used in the manufacture of a variety of household goods, the growth in demand in India than china.相关的主题文章: