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Cai Qi Ren Beijing deputy mayor and former micro-blog Master "Cai Shu" – Sohu in 2016 10 and 31 on the news, Beijing fourteen session of the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee decided, Cai Qi Beijing city deputy mayor, deputy mayor. Cai Qi was born on December 1955 in Fujian Yongan, Fujian Province, served as mayor of Sanming City, Zhejiang Province, Quzhou city mayor, party secretary, Secretary of the Taizhou Municipal Committee, after April 2007, the mayor of Hangzhou, the Minister of the Organization Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee, deputy governor, deputy director of the central national security committee office, April 2015 deputy director (ministerial class). In an oath to the constitution, Cai Qi said: "Beijing is the capital of the great motherland. Able to work in the capital, the responsibility is heavy, need to redouble our efforts." Another popular image of Cai Qi, micro-blog is the first deputy secretary of the real name authentication, fans over ten million big V". He has announced that he will be removed from the Zhejiang provincial Party committee, Minister of the organization’s important news, but also to help the troubled mother to solve the problem of being led by his son to drink a small problem to the. Cai Qi took the oath of micro-blog "Cai Shu" of May 13, 2010 at 22:50, Cai Qi released the first person micro-blog, he has served as Minister of Zhejiang provincial Party committee organization at that time, local officials opened publicly at the time of micro-blog, one of the highest administrative level. This article has praised Zhejiang scenic spots in Lishui a total of 74 words of micro-blog, received 259 comments. Cai Qi claiming Cai uncle, micro-blog real name authentication information impressively wrote: a Bull J Vic". After nearly 4 years, Cai Qi released in Tencent micro-blog broadcast of the 9278, the average daily update of 6.3. Now, you can often see a micro-blog below, leaving tens of thousands of comments. With the general officials cautious and exaggeration, Cai Qi micro-blog dare to criticize the existing policy language with the "Twitter" amiable and easy of approach, such as personalized labels, forming a "Chua’s style to become an independent school". Talk about never confined to the government, but all over the country from the Beijing office to revoke the Everything is contained therein.: "house of cards" in the second quarter of political struggle, the discussion from Sun Yang to the pants bra driving without a license, including his position in his opinion, the official blog is intended to integrate into society, and mass communication. Diving officer micro-blog, can only be called an ordinary netizen micro-blog. Dare to make their own voices, is the real official micro-blog. During the 2012 national NPC and CPPCC, Zhejiang Zhuji a 3 year old boy was half of three dogs bite injuries. Micro-blog tells the boy family tragedy, directed at the dog owner is a prosecutor in the local Procuratorate, and the boy with bloody wounds photos. For a time, the public opinion fermentation, netizens condemned the emotional excitement and even abuse the sound as one falls, another rises. Conference gap, Cai Qi for the first time noticed this micro-blog, to the relevant departments to understand the situation, in the online forwarding and write "Zhuji has been reported to coordinate the process" to appease the mood of users. After half a day, released the survey results, the dog was confirmed to be a dawn相关的主题文章: