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Should You Jump On The Bandwagon And Order Those Free Business Cards Or Premium Business Cards? Posted By: David C When you hear people talking about business growth, joint ventures, strategic alliances and networking, the one thing that will never go away is the use of business cards. Business cards are a way to extend the conversation that you have when you meet someone new and would like to potentially work with them in the future, maybe as a client, a business partner to simply to follow up for personal reasons. The use of business cards has not changed, but the one thing that has changed is the quality, style and new advances in technology that changes to keep making business cards better and better. But the question is how much should you pay for business cards? First of all there are many sites on the internet where you can buy business cards online that offer free business cards. This is a great way for the particular business to get you as a new client AND a great way for them to advertise their business. When ordering free business cards, here are some factors that you should keep in mind. Depending on the company, you can order free business cards and just pay shipping, but there is a catch.

free business cards Free Business Cards And Free Shipping – Does It Exist? Posted By: Alan Saltz Every day thousands of people flock to the internet to order business cards. It wasn’t always this way of course. In the "old days" people used to walk into their local print shop, look at some templates and card options, give the printer their info and they’d walk out with a stack of new cards. The idea of free business cards didn’t really exist. Couldn’t exist. But with business card printing becoming more affordable with volume, and many of the top websites being able to print volumes FAR exceeding (as in tens of thousands of times) the print volume of a local printer, online print houses began offering free or almost free business cards to lure customers in. Part of the reason they are able to do this is quite simply, repeat business. After all, if you get one thing printed with them, chances are you’ll return to get more business cards, or postcards, or letterhead, or any of dozens of other personal or business products they carry. And chances are you’ll re-order in near future as well. You might even tell a few friends about the great deal you just got, and then they’ll go and order.

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