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Golf For golf lovers who want a simple yet effective golf rangefinder, Bushnell Non-Laser Golf Scope 10-0520 would be the right choice. Because it doesn’t require .plicated alignment and gives you a magnified view of the green from a distance. The Bushnell Non-Laser range finder is an excellent golf gadget that helps you select right club. You’ll find this rangefinder a great advantage on the golf course. The Bushnell Non-Laser Golf rangefinder provides you with high accuracy to +/- one yard from 10 to 1000 yards away. This sharp distance measure is so effective at helping you improve your game. The key features of this golf range finder are 5x magnification, Maximum Range 1000 Yds and no batteries. This telescopic rangefinder is simple and works based on the presumption that all golf flagsticks are equal height. And that you can see it from top to bottom. You can use it by viewing the flagstick through the scope and adjusting it with a scale on the scope. Depending on where the top of the flagstick .es on the scale, you can estimate yardage. It’s that simple! The only thing is you must see the whole of the flagstick. So this range finder will the be nice model for you if you demand nothing less than perfection at every fairway, bunker or teebox. If you can’t believe it, read the reviews written on Epinions by Eric and Larry. Peter says, "It’s a great device for distance measure. It helps a lot in the golf game and boosts our confidence. The 5×20 Bushnell Golf Scope is so .pact that it fits in our pocket and very simple to use. I re.mend it for golf players." Elton says, "For easy range estimation in golf game, this is the best rangefinder. I’ve been using it since long. It’s Very lightweight and .pact. No battery’s to go dead and no waiting for warm up. And it’s very fast to use. I like this golf gadget." Finally, with this information, buy the Bushnell Non-Laser Golf Scope 10-0520 and go ahead of your challengers easily. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: