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Burma Anti China media chiefs were arrested behind the gold master is a Japanese consortium Sohu Military Channel Global Times News: 11 pm, official speculation "price watch the door" incident in Burma "eleven" Dantuang news group president and editor in chief Wu Weipiao for alleged defamation, violation of the Burma "telecommunication law", was arrested. 6, the "eleven news" published the news editor Wu Weipiao wrote, "said an administrative official wearing a watch is $100 thousand worth of Patek Philippe watches, gifts and the table for a millionaire after the release of drug-related cases…… This allows the average wage of only $2.5 for the people of Burma too much to handle! "The news and the official monthly price list outstanding ($2500) the disparity between the contrast, caused uproar in Burma. Although the news did not name, but in between the lines that directed at the Yangon Provincial Executive Board Wu Piaomin. "Eleven news" President Dantuo continues to hype the matter on facebook. Wu Piaomin Deng and party NLD to respond immediately. The NLD central executive committee Wu Wenteng personally for his defense, "Wu Piaomin said to wear a watch is not Patek Philippe, but the value of 3 million kyat ($3000) about Rolex, and a so-called drug-related millionaire, but to buy by his wife". November 9th, Wu Ting Ting held a special press conference to clarify the matter. Wu Piaomin also announced the indictment of the eleven news libel. In accordance with the telecommunications law of the Burma, any person who is using a telecommunications network to intimidate money, or to damage his reputation, or to do things and threats, shall be sentenced to not more than 3 years in prison or be fined. The Burma government has repeatedly called on the media to report on the spirit of the rule of law in accordance with the rule of law, to comply with the media ethics, reflecting the media professionalism. But Dantuo and the founder of the "eleven news", known as "criticizing current politics, dare to speak" is very popular in Burma, has repeatedly published and tried to discredit the news Chinese interpret out of context, including Chinese in large projects such as the China Burma oil and gas pipeline, the letpadaung mine project, the myitsone hydropower project, caused great negative impact on local, virtually makes Chinese enterprises suffer losses and other aspects of public opinion. In addition, the "eleven news" untrue reports. In September 2014, students in Burma climbers missing in Burma climb the first peak, China blue rescue team to Burma rescue, but in the "eleven news" reported that the blue rescue team was described as "a lack of professional rescue equipment and mountaineering teams", ultimately failed to complete the task was sent back to Chinese. At the same time, while participating in the rescue of the Burma THOO foundation, said the sound, not as the eleven news said, the fact is that all parties in the search and rescue. Burma analysts say, Dantuang and "eleven news" in Burma public opinion has long been notorious, many members of the foreign correspondents’ Club of Burma are dissatisfied with their. "Eleven news" report on China is very sharp, and even with a strong sense of public opinion, was known as the Burma Anti China vanguard". In fact, the eleven news background complex, both domestic political forces in Burma, but also a foreign background. Allegedly, the eleven news on the surface of the main body of cooperation in Thailand.相关的主题文章: