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The black bear is greatly X energy technology: mobile power raised 15 minutes full – tech Texun Sohu November 14th news: Xiao Bian recently learned from Shenzhen city bears greatly limited company of science and technology through graphene patent to build a mobile power, Taobao has all the chips on the line, named X energy. The product through the efficient and fast charging and discharging the principle of graphene, while the fast charging technology also won the national technology patents. Through this fast charging technology, 45 minutes for the 8000mAh capacity of X energy full of electricity, break through the bottleneck of long time mobile power battery, charging time than ordinary mobile power reduced about 10 times faster than the fast charging mobile power 4 times, I believe that such a revolution of fast charging products must have aroused strong concern sensation in the industry and consumers. X mobile power energy appearance character, modeled on the shell sports car styling, on both sides of the arc design, enhanced grip handle comfort, providing a total of five colors: black, grey, uninhibited with free white, gold and stubborn warmth powder, to meet the different needs of individual. The front is a LED lights, a light flashed the effect of charging state, a very good visual effects. Is the key indicator next to open a metal mold, improve the texture of products. In the part of the most important aspect of mobile power, X energy use automotive grade high rate battery standards to create and use graphene material activity, a substantial increase in kinetic energy decomposition energy, let the energy multiplication to achieve high power, high speed charging demand. Can achieve rapid absorption and rapid release, 45 minutes full of X energy 8000mAh high power battery. X mobile power energy behind the fuselage with a 220V plug, the input efficiency is as high as 12V 3.5A, with two USB 2.1A output interface, support two sets of mobile phone and fast charging, built-in smart chip can accurately judge the battery load, intelligent distribution circuit, charging with voltage and current on multi load step. Full IPhone7 just 1 hours, 8000mAh capacity can be charged for IPhone7 4 times. The original bidirectional synchronous fast charging technology, mobile power and mobile phone charging together can only need to achieve, X energy is inserted into the socket, and then with a data line access to mobile phone, mobile phone charging and charging treasure at the same time, synchronous fast charging, synchronous full power, the problem of slow charging a one-time solution, and mutual influence, with mobile phone electricity, mobile power is full of power, convenient and fast to save valuable time. Security of mobile power supply is a very important part of the mobile power poor explosion occurs, and the international brand NOTE7 explosion incident, more sparked public concern about the safety of mobile power. X uses a triple energy battery, anode and cathode using ceramic membrane, to prevent short circuit or electric core from fire risk fault is discovered, and as many as twelve heavy security protection, the electric core safety performance is enhanced, bid farewell to charge explosion". At present, the bear greatly X energy mobile power in the congregation to raise Taobao in the hot preheat, No. 16 to raise the official open相关的主题文章: