Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian floods flooded the village flooded the transfer of

Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian and more floods flooded village personnel transfer of Fujian and more floods flooded village personnel transfer [comment] "miranti" influence, Fujian province have suffered heavy rainfall, constant danger. The strong rainfall Yang Zhen Lake in Yongchun County of Quanzhou city from 15 am start, the rainfall continues to rise, the whole village basic Village Township Jinlong flooded. The water level of the reservoir near the township has been filled over the dam. A hundred villagers surrounded by the flood. 15, 4 pm, rescue workers rushed to the Jinlong Village found that the whole village to the village a lot of flooding, the villagers have not yet evacuated. According to the villagers on the scene, the only way to the outside of the village is a dam, the scene floods over the dam, the upper reaches of the trees and other debris down in the above, but not conducive to evacuation. According to the scene, rescue workers tied a safety rope, from the debris piled up on the tree to open a channel to the other side of the village. And along the safety rope will be more than 120 villagers have been transferred out. By the strong typhoon "Meranti" effect, Sanming Yongan also appeared heavy rainfall, some hard hit towns. 12:49 on September 15th, Yan Xi Chung Village in Yongan City, a family of eight trapped in the home, including three children and an old man. Rescue personnel arrived at the scene, see the whole village has become a flood plain, water level over the adult waist, at this time, fast flowing, many houses were severely damaged, with wood, glass bottles and other debris floating on the water, because the rural stream ditch, water level is rising, completely unable to distinguish roads and rivers, a careless caikong may. As soon as possible to rescue the trapped people, rescue workers wearing life jackets, the safety rope tied on the waist belt, and the use of bamboo sticks in the mixed muddy Pathfinder, water drips water 30 meters to the rescue site, and stranded contact and their safe transfer. Wu Shengwei Luo Bing Fujian Fuzhou,相关的主题文章: