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Beijing – VIDEO – Chongqing Jinshan coal mine gas explosion killed 18 people in Chongqing to carry out the rescue is still tense Jinshangou coal mine gas explosion killed 18 people to carry out the rescue is still tense [comment] Chongqing Jinshan ditch coal mine gas explosion accident site emergency command November 1st evening news release, as of now, the accident rescue team has found 18 the remains of dead miners, and 15 miners missing. Reporters at the rescue scene to see, after nearly 30 hours of search and rescue, 1, 16 am, the remains of the victims were sent to the rescue workers. Incident side of the mine pit parked two emergency vehicles, rescue workers in the mine, mine fire officers and soldiers and medical staff to help the victims were transported to the ambulance on the body. In the field of search and rescue personnel hat, bowed in silence, emergency vehicles will be sent to the funeral home the remains of the victims. Site rescue captain Xie Kui told reporters, due to the tremendous power of gas explosion, underground tunnel and equipment damage. The logs are shipped to the underground after the collapse of coal will be used for several roadway reinforcement, repair after the completion of the search and rescue personnel will continue to enter the coal deep search and rescue. At the same time, rescue workers will also be underground drainage, repair pumping equipment to prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents. Underground road Bei Xiang, the search and rescue work, rescue personnel will be on the road of 4 coal mining underground Nan Xiang eyes full search and rescue, remove obstacles, ordered the victims will be transferred to the ground. 19:35 or so, rescue headquarters held second press conference at the scene of the accident rescue. At the meeting, the participants of the dead miners silence. Mu Huaping, vice mayor of Chongqing municipal government informed the rescue and the cause of the accident investigation progress. Mu Hua Ping said at the scene of the accident, the responsibility for the accident causes, according to the survey, in-depth and rigorous, according to the law confirmation, who is responsible, who is responsible for it, not to avoid, no excuse, must be severely dealt with according to law, to the miners and their families, people and society an account. At present, the mine underground mine gas concentration is still large, emissions of toxic gases and search and rescue work is still underway. Reporter Jia Nan Chongqing, Yongchuan reports相关的主题文章: