Beijing today gusts up to 7 that reproduce the haze continued to 18 days in Beijing-darren hayes

Beijing today gusts up to 7 that haze reproduce continue to 18 – Beijing China weather network affected by cold air, today (14 days) Beijing afternoon wind gusts of up to six or seven, gradually reduced. The wind blowing in the wind scattered haze, haze dissipated, Beijing, low temperature at night, only 2 C. However, Beijing will encounter haze volt start tomorrow, until the 18 day Beijing sky or will remain a "grey". Yesterday, Beijing weather haze, in most areas of moderate haze. According to the Beijing environmental protection monitoring center official micro-blog news said yesterday at 16 o’clock, Beijing air quality index was 120-140, mild pollution. After midnight, a cold air arrived, the wind increased. The wind haze scattered, affected by cold air and strong winds, large visibility in Beijing this morning has improved significantly. Monitoring shows that around 6, visibility in most areas of more than 8 km. The city meteorological station released 06 forecast: today’s the day cloudy, north wind four (six or seven gust) to about three, the highest temperature of 13 degrees; the night cloudy, north to south two degrees, the minimum temperature of minus 2 degrees celsius. Afternoon wind gradually decreases. With the wind cool to a certain extent, today Beijing minimum temperature is -2 DEG C, compared to yesterday at the same time the temperature dropped 8 degrees celsius. Expected this week, the overall poor conditions of the spread of Beijing, fog and haze lasted longer. To 18, Beijing will encounter the haze V, the sky will maintain a constant "gray". Beijing weather forecast for the next 7 days. Meteorological experts warned that today, Beijing, a larger wind, public travel, please pay attention to prevent falling objects, in addition, the night temperature is low, pay attention to warm. Tomorrow haze returned to the relevant protection.相关的主题文章: