Beijing, Tianjin and the next 5 years will restore the wetland of 8000 hectares – China

Beijing Tianjin Hebei the next 5 years will restore 8000 hectares of wetlands – Beijing Beijing in September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Lixiao) September 18th is the fourth "Beijing Wetland Day", the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau was informed that the "13th Five-Year" period, Beijing will join Hebei, Tianjin, to speed up the restoration and protection of wetlands, optimization to enhance the ecological functions of wetlands, wetland protection and management ability. The third Sunday of September every year is the Beijing wetland day". 18 the same day, the Beijing Municipal Gardens Bureau held a "Beijing Wetland Day" campaign theme in the Wild Duck Lake National Wetland Park, the scene of the scientific flying activities, 2, 2 kestrel vulture and 4 mandarin ducks in the wild duck lake return to nature. According to the plan, "13th Five-Year" period, Beijing will be in the northern region, in Guishui River – Lake – Guanting reservoir, Wenyuhe, Chaobaihe, Ju River as the focus, accelerate the wetland restoration and construction. In the southern region, in Fangshan – Changgou Liulihe, Daxing Changziying, Tongzhou – Majuqiao on housework as nodes, restoration and construction of large, contiguous wetlands and wetland park. To construct a nuclear wetland distribution and three horizontal and vertical "in general, the next 5 years will restore 8000 hectares of wetlands, wetland added 3000 hectares, the total wetland area increased by more than 5%, more than 60% wetlands will be effective protection and management, so that the city’s wetland ecological quality further improved, and constantly improve the ecological function of wetland. Over the past 5 years, Beijing has implemented a series of wetland restoration projects, the construction of wetland protection system, the area of wetland protection continues to expand, has accumulated more than 4800 hectares of wetland restoration. According to the latest data provided by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of landscaping, at present, the total area of wetlands in Beijing has reached 51 thousand and 400 hectares, accounting for land area of 3.13%. Among them, rivers, marshes and other natural wetlands 23 thousand and 800 hectares, accounting for 46.4%; water storage area, ponds, irrigation ditches, paddy fields and other artificial wetlands of 27 thousand and 600 hectares, accounting for 53.6%. Since May 1, 2013 the implementation of the "Beijing Wetland Protection Ordinance" is the history of the most stringent wetland protection management system in Beijing. The "Regulations" stipulates that the unauthorized occupation of wetland reclamation, or change the use of wetland, not only to restore the marshland, but also by more than 2000 yuan per square meter, 5000 yuan of the following standards be fined; put the toxic and hazardous substances, the dumping of wastes or emissions without sewage treatment will act. Is more than 5000 yuan at 50 thousand yuan fine; if the consequences are serious, a fine of 50 thousand yuan and 500 thousand yuan. The regulations also explicitly require the relevant departments to implement the responsibility system for wetland conservation objectives, to ensure that the city’s total wetland area is no longer reduced. (end)相关的主题文章: