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Beijing illegal tour survey: promoting "voluntary" brainwashing tourists shopping management money Shuaike halfway to Beijing to play a lot of people less attractions, will choose a day, but a day trip market tourists complaints, dragons and fishes jumbled together. Two days ago, CCTV reporter in the the Imperial Palace near the north gate of the roadside showmanship staff, took part in the the Great Wall Ming Dynasty Tombs tour. "Beijing day": 150 yuan showmanship staff including tickets and tickets for the Ming Dynasty Tombs the Great Wall, no shopping, no way to add money, now look more strict. In accordance with the agreement, the second day around 5:30 in the morning, the reporter was arranged to get to the front of the bus to the west side of the main street near the rear of the depression tour bus. After the start, the tour guide told some attractions will not go. A short stay in Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic spot for about 5 minutes, so that visitors get off to take pictures, to show that this tour. The tour guide is looking for an excuse to take visitors into the tour guide: tour into the grave Ling Ling view, any grave I don’t take you on, I don’t want you to get bad back, can’t go this month, next month to go, the monthly cycle. Before reaching Ming Dynasty Tombs, the tour guide has charged 100 yuan per person for the the Badaling Great Wall cable car. The charging process, a more than and 60 years old man, in the bus high-speed mode, stood up with the tour guides to argue, finally did not pay, but to the the Badaling Great Wall, the old man, was another to joint the tour guide told no accompanying guide, only single action. More than a few tourists said, climbing the Great Wall about 1 hours, about 1 km away, a total of about a total of about 1.5 hours of play time in the Badaling Great Wall. About half past one in the afternoon, to guide the alleged Royal courtyard, at this time, nearly 10 tourist bus car has been parked in the parking lot, courtyard arrangement to buy "Fu" brand with jade, special teaching knowledge of Feng Shui and the sale of jade Pixiu project etc.. Guide: This is a station I should earn money, a Roasted Duck 138 yuan, 138 yuan I earn you 5 dollars, you do not buy I do not earn, then you really don’t think I’m hanging the face. In a similar factory building, filled with food Roasted Duck, preserved fruit, and from here the tourist bus quite frequently, each car down a person, have the person at the door with the tour guides check number. Almost all fellow tourists have said, first day tour, are committed to the last tour of the nest and the water cube. However, the bus is still in Beijing five, a tour guide with the serious traffic jam on the grounds, recommend that all people to take the subway to return. At this time, there have been angry tourists, however, was the scene after the driver was chasing abuse. The tour guide is not happy the consequences will be grievous in general, Beijing tour is divided into the Badaling Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs and its attractions along the tour route, and the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace, Gongwangfu and other attractions of the city tour line etc.. Reporters in Badaling Ming Dynasty Tombs line survey, after the encounter on the train to collect fees, shorten the trip, increase the shopping link and other issues, in the city of Beijing tour routes exist? According to the Badaling Ming Dynasty Tombs peers visitors to reflect, most of them through a small tour advertisement s application. According to the reporter received at the bird’s nest near the small advertising guidelines, phone registration, and the Imperial Palace.相关的主题文章: