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A woman in Beijing to return rental deposit was the intermediary for " unspoken rule " – Sohu JINGWAH Financial Times news recently, Fengtai District Ms. Wang through intermediary companies rental, the reason for the staff to come down, be asked to accept the "unspoken rule". The agency staff also asked about eating and drinking, and share photos of sexy Ms. wang. Intermediary company executives said someone’s misconduct is the management of their mistakes in the future will strengthen management. Lawyers believe that the behavior of the staff suspected of illegal.     Ms. Wang said, this month 5 days, she saw a rental advertising in Fengtai District Branch Road, then get in touch with the above contact. The person claiming to be Beijing Oriental HUAHAN Real Estate Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Oriental Huahan) rental agent, Ms. Wang with the reading room after that the house is good, the price is right, to pay 1250 yuan deposit to the other party at the time. Ms. Wang and Oriental Huahan signed housing deposit receipt book marked, the lessee shall before September 5th to 2 business hall housing rental contracts signed, overdue or not sign as default for the lessee, the lessee to pay a deposit to all 2 all. In the evening, Ms. Wang on the Internet to see a lot of negative evaluation of the intermediary companies, they decided to retreat. The second day, Ms. Wang with the day before the house staff contact, I hope the other side to refund the deposit, but was the harassment of the intermediary staff WeChat, the other party will be forced to refund the deposit after the unspoken rules. Reporters in Ms. Wang and the staff of WeChat chat records to see, the staff said that as long as he agreed to refund the deposit, but the premise is the need to listen to all of Ms. wang. Ms. Wang said she did not understand what it meant, the staff member said that Ms. Wang needs to accept the unspoken rules, and said that after Wang will find a free house to live, not satisfied with the change. In addition, the man also put together, sharing about eating and drinking, sexy photo requirements to Ms. wang. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter and the Oriental Huahan for us to contact the person in charge of the matter said he does not know the specific information, suggested that Ms. Wang went to the company to solve the problem of deposit. At the same time, the official said, the misconduct of someone’s employees is the fault of their management, the future will strengthen the management of employees. The former lawyer Jiang said, "according to paragraph fifth of the People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" forty-second, repeatedly sending obscene, insulting, threatening or other information, disturb the normal life of others, at 5 days detention or a fine of 500 yuan. The above staff’s behavior has been suspected of violating the public security administration punishment law, encountered a similar situation, residents can alarm. Selection of high-quality financial products, evaluation of popular financial products; popular financial investment knowledge; provide ways and means to make money. Make it easier for you to make money! See more financial dry cargo, please scan the QR code below concern WeChat public number: financial plant selection"相关的主题文章: