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Because her boyfriend didn’t help clear the "shopping cart" girl angry police said was new network – in preparation for the "double 11", the circle of friends spread all kinds of "who will help me to empty the shopping cart" scripts, of course these scripts are a joke, a woman surnamed Liu in Nanjing because my boyfriend Zhao a reluctant to help her empty "shopping cart", actually moved ZhenGeDe, angry went to the police station, said he was Zhao GHB, say tears. The police investigation, found strange…… Yangzi Evening News correspondent Qi Wenxuan all media reporter Ren Guoyong report: "the young woman was colleagues" mijian, say tears on the morning of 10, Nanjing Qixia Public Security Bureau, Qixia police station received a 20 year old young woman police, said he was mijian. At first, she didn’t say that he was her boyfriend and that she was her colleague. When she went to the police station, the police registered her identity information according to the program, and talk with her for the inquiry transcripts. Liu complained to the police, a few days ago, colleagues Zhao asked her out to play, two people drink anything, she would become unconscious, what also don’t remember, woke up and found himself lying in the hotel, and lower body discomfort, he is suspected of being a male colleague Zhao mijian. Liu described a kind of mold, and even tearful. However, when the police asked specifically in which hotel, the specific time, drink what drink, Zhao is how to get her into the hotel? Is it a drink before entering the hotel, or a drink in the hotel? These key details, but Liu hesitated say. Check the two half turning have 20 open house records in accordance with the procedures, the police through the use of police platform for inquiry, found the two men in the second half of this year in the hotel room number up to 20 times. Police believe that the two is not a general relationship, it is likely to be in love because of what kind of emotional entanglements. Don’t tell him the truth: her boyfriend refused to pay for online shopping, she is a false police report, police again asked Liu to talk to do inquiry transcripts with Zhao, the police asked her what is the relationship? Liu was actually confessed that Zhao is her boyfriend. She said he was also reported on the impulse. Originally, "double 11" come, see her circle of friends circulated about "empty shopping cart" scripts, and some friends in the circle also show a boyfriend initiative to help clear the "online shopping cart", let her envy. She also love online shopping, also selected a lot of thecrush goods waiting for "double 11" to start, she wanted her boyfriend Zhao helped pay, did not think Zhao deliberately shirk, she felt Zhao appearing nervous in public the dispute occurred. She felt that Zhao did not love yourself, she has been pregnant with the child of Zhao, Zhao may not want to be responsible for. Think of their pay is not equal, she angrily at a false alarm. Verified by the hospital, Liu has indeed been pregnant for three months. How to deal with it? The girl is pregnant, the police criticized education through legal publicity and education, Liu realized that his behavior is wrong. Police believe that Liu’s behavior is false information, false facts framed others, in violation of the "public security management office.相关的主题文章: