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Beautiful things fell out of spherical pork stomach people thought it was the remaining pig stillbirth – ectopic pregnancy Beijing Chongqing evening news a few days ago, who lives in Changshou District of Fengcheng street village had Li Chong pig, pig stomach fall out of a sphere. Friends said it might be a pig treasure, advised him to stay, said to be able to sell a good price. Li Chong told the Chongqing evening news reporter, on Saturday he will sow their own raised nearly 8 years to kill, cut pork stomach, out of a ball shaped object. The ball weighs 2 pounds 8 two, pinch up like meat buns, surface white, dark red parts. Li Chong said, you are pig pig years, every year, have never seen this kind of thing. A friend said is a pig treasure, like bad intentions, "you must keep, if is a treasure?" Li Chong said, placing a few days later, the ball some dark, appear queer. Yesterday, Li Chong will open a small ball, inside the outflow of blood. Cut the ball inside, in addition to some napkins 2223 and blood, no other things. Yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter will round photos to the researcher at the Chongqing Academy of Animal Sciences Zhang Fengming. He said the pig treasure is spoken, refers to the pig stomach because of the bleeding water absorption, causing the blood mineral deposit formation of cinnabar. From the photos, video, this is not a pig treasure, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth possibility. "Smooth skin as smooth muscle, globular cyst is the placenta blood, amniotic fluid, blood like substance towel should be in the fetus, has early death." Zhang Fengming said, because of strong pig tolerance, generally do not show symptoms or mild symptoms, often eat less in case of easily overlooked. Zhang Fengming said that although the pig ectopic pregnancy is relatively rare, but not much value. Chongqing evening news reporter Liu Qing party for map相关的主题文章: