Barcelona people call people After the game Messi was exposed to scold his brother (video)-queer as folk

Barcelona people call people? After the game Messi was exposed to scold his brother [information] the Manchester City players abuse Messi hit back! You came and said Tencent news November 3rd champions league sports like the smoke of the battlefield, a war no one can let brother, mentoring enemies. The Champions League group phase fourth round of the first game, Basa (official data) accidentally lost to Manchester City on the road (data), two weeks ago the 4 ball crazy explosion blue moon red and blue not calm, said after the game in the tunnel Limeixi and Manchester City to throw garbage, but he was actually Diego and Mei the same from La Marcia. The same as the Spaniard Mikel Arteta (left 1) is not so friendly to Messi Guardiola 3-1 Barcelona champions Manchester City after the game, Messi is very unhappy, hope to leave this let him unhappy al Ittihad, but in the tunnel, there is a good thing for the human was deliberately provoked Messi manchester. Argentina Nanmei enemy Brazil media reported: Brazil midfielder Phil Nandy Neo Messi called people in the channel, but this is just wishful thinking "Universal Sports" speculation. Although the two Afghan has always been discord, but don’t want to have a non fee bird in their own name. Phil Nandy Neo clarified: "this is a false message, I did not speak to barcelona." Want to trivialize Argentina striker Aguero has proved: "(Phil Nandy Neo) did not say what, I seemed to see what Messi said, but he did not say what, then I would say Messi and other things." No trouble is not equal to the costs of bird city did not sell, according to our radio, "Aspen", the Spanish media exposed material, in the tunnel angered Messi is from Lamaxiya Manchester TA mikel. At that time, Messi withdrew after a player on the passage of the referee, the Spaniard said just passing by the harbour evil designs: "get it! Fool! Go back to your dressing room." In a word immediately ignited the anger of the loss of Messi, Barcelona 10 immediately responded: "fool! Kind of you come over, don’t hide!" Fortunately, the Manchester City striker Aguero promptly rushed to the scene, a KUN patted chest to persuade their friends don’t get angry, after Aguero mediation did not allow further deterioration of the situation. He and Messi, one is from Lamaxiya, but did not play a game of the Spaniards in the Barcelona first team, one is Lamaxiya output the greatest player, occupation career only America Cup and the world cup which national team title contest Grand Slam superstar. In Manchester and the cold, blue reversal mighty strength of less red blues, as have the civilian players on behalf of Arteta, Arsenal at more than once by Messi Barcelona underfoot. That night in the face of not easily won the opportunity to fight back, he also fell a sense of joseph. But in any case, Manchester is from Barcelona B assistant to the British, Mikel occupation career only in Paris Saint Germain played 2 seasons, the Royal Society of the 1 quarter, the rest of the time at Glasgow Rangers, Everton, Arsenal and England will have a ball. Perhaps he has forgotten is their Lamaxiya, perhaps he is jealous of Messi’s achievements and status, maybe he just want to vent their hold in the hearts of many years but have no place to release the blame)相关的主题文章: