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Interior-Decorating Bamboo curtain painting is sichuan pioneering arts and crafts varieties. The Nanchong bamboo curtain painting its bamboo curtain graceful, pictures richly, has strong ethnic local flavor, known as "seiko painting curtain". Bamboo curtain painting namely refers painting in the fine bamboo curtain, usually using traditional Chinese painting techniques. According to the liangping county "recorded, Nanchong county produced bamboo curtain, Fine as the slightest hair, dense as silk". In Guangxu period, the development of the paint color painting painting curtain. The early more use as Jiaolian. In the late Qing dynasty gradually developed into indoor furnishings curtain form. Varieties are Michikage screen, single strip, leaf yet, screens, mosquito nets, couplet, lampshades etc. hundred species. Bamboo painting scroll woven is very flat and smooth soft, because a pink heart hall that poetry and painting as on traditional rice paper feel. The most exquisite bamboo curtain painting is adopted the silk and bamboo line for warp/weft intertwined, then in the curtain of wide painting landscape, figures, flowers, animals, feathers and so on, tight don’t leak, such as silk-like fine moist. The bamboo curtain painting production is very fine, first is making bamboo curtain embryo. Chengdu bamboo curtain painting chosen Qionglai mountains rich in the longest of nodules sinocalamus bamboo, go to section peeled, papaer broken wire drawing, and then made even thickness section round bamboo curtain embryo silk. And then it sent to the wooden artificial loom of storage wire cylinder. "Chirp .plex chirp, Mulan when households weave, woven curtain girls a dab hand waving, to bamboo filament replace wood shuttle, left to right lead, loom sound sound, embryo curtain gradually be.e. Later trimming clipping, pack wood pivot, spray varnish, gradually be.e white bamboo curtain. White bamboo curtain will be sent to the painting workshop, painters have to in accordance with the design draft requirements, or outline drawing or freehand, or quietly elegant or gorgeous, carefully drawn, after the inspection audit, it deemed a .plete success. In the basis of the bamboo curtain painting, Nanchong artisans added shu embroidery, draw the bamboo embroidery curtain. Due to the paintings embroidery .bination, bamboo embroidery curtain play to the advantages of the two techniques, and avoid their own short.ings. Such as in the panda diagram, tiger picture, animal hair, characters clothes etc because the shu embroidery stitches more lifelike, simple sense is extremely strong, and the face adopt the painting techniques, its sensory expressions is more vivid. In order to adapt to the needs of the embroidery, the bamboo embroidery curtain adopt bamboo curtain embryo warp density is greatly higher than painting bamboo curtain, so bamboo embroidery curtain price is much higher than the bamboo curtain painting. Liangping Sheng Shi Bamboo Crafts Limited Liability .pany is the first professional supplier of the high-end bamboo curtain gifts, and is the disseminator and carrier as well. It makes great efforts to create the first-rate bamboo arts & crafts with the purpose of inheriting and popularizing Chinese traditional culture. Our products included bamboo crafts , bamboo curtain , bamboo painting and so on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: