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Award 47 for pure and beautiful [together] – Sohu and we enjoy a good food, also have the same family and friends eating Hot pot singing "longing. One man’s food is the taste of a person’s loneliness, and the meeting is associated with the world, we are for the pure and beautiful [together] boiling. In the small days, you will choose what kind of food practices to friends and family; romantic lukewarm time is slow, one can meet a memorable afternoon; night in front of a computer screen will not knock down some text about past together. [10] will receive prizes by sipping group of high-end brand "??" the value of yuan coupon. 20 will be obtained by the "offer" of the value of 30 yuan lovely canned Taiwan tea *2. Submission time: from now until September 13th 9 published: September 14th [] (in the way the earth person may participate in the delicacy of love): 1, journal will be selected from the submission in accordance with the following rules friends, come and learn about it with the small fox! You will experience of eating outside, or at home cooking recipes, with articles released in the form of Sohu in the public platform, the addition of [] to meet the label entries, for example [] bestie afternoon tea together. The manuscript into the shop: share your idea of a good place for 35 friends, requires a name, address and other information, per capita clear; the recipe: share your manuscript thinks fit together, dinner recipes, requirements of production process, raw materials, dish or dessert notes with detailed pictures and text display the text of articles;: in written form, and "happy together" tells you about the story, style is not limited to. Not limited to the above classification, for example, if the manuscript content and beautiful together, it is not considered as a successful submission. All manuscripts must be original graphics, text of not less than 300 words; requirements of health, clear image, in addition to the image watermark can not bring any other watermark. Press: click on the Sohu media platform, through micro-blog, WeChat in micro-blog: RT @ the activities of the Sohu delicacy channel top micro-blog, you can have a chance of winning; WeChat: "WeChat, Sohu delicacy channel and a message in this period of activity, sharing delicious met you, that have a chance winning. Of course, the award of a small partner, we must remember to share with you oh: 1, to receive prizes or to shop for dinner, the release of micro-blog @ Sohu food channel. 2, in addition, the dining experience can also be found in the shop manuscript, the recipe for the trial was released as a recipe book to Sohu food oh. The small fox won’t tell you, clever friend two to oh! [grab prizes tips] what? You said you wouldn’t write? Never mind, look here, let Master delicacy "milkis" person "Shanshan" Di "M for Xiaowan" teach you to easily write winning entries [together] full of love: baby [] we Beijing breakfast together "enthusiastic offbeat lung heat".相关的主题文章: