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Home-Improvement Often it happens that in your enthusiasm in decorating that special place of yours, you end up making the small space cramped and congested with some silly and totally avoidable mistakes. The idea of decorating your room is to make it look good and feel .fortable. But too much of anything can lead to disastrous results. Here is a guide to deck up and renovate small spaces without losing on the .fort factor and add more beauty and personality to your favorite rooms by avoiding these silly blunders: Playing It too Safe You feel like the space in your room is already so small, and to create the illusion of space you end up painting the whole room in white. Big mistake! Because in a few months you will be totally bored of the pristine white color and the room will surely not be inviting enough for you to spend some good time. Instead of playing safe, you can put up printed wall papers on the walls and also the ceiling if possible. It will instantly deck up the small space and make it look and feel fresh without cramping up any extra space. Too much of Furniture Putting all your favorite furniture items like your personal bean bag, your indispensible study table, the bed and the chairs, the boudoir and other small stuff can actually end up making the room cramped and crowded. Please avoid this situation at any cost possible. Nowadays, modern day furniture items are available in the market like at Vancouver Home Designers that focuses on multiple usage of one item. Invest in a couch that can double up as your super .fortable bed. Or get cabinets with mirrored doors and drawers that can be used for multiple purposes saving the space and making your room look spacious and .fortable. Decorating the Room without a Plan Always have a fixed plan while going for the decoration as interior decorator of your room. It is a huge mistake to get on with the task of decorating your space without a concrete plan. In doing so, you end up outing things in a very random and bizarre order making the space look cramped and unflattering at the same time. With the help of the right plan you can actually put the decorative items of your liking in a planned and desirable manner without any issues of taking up more space. Customize the Furniture Items If you are looking for the furniture that exactly fits the nooks and corners of your small space and just .plements the room perfectly, you can opt for the customized furniture items that will be made to order so that they can fit well according to your room. With the help of these fitted and custom made items, you can utilize the spaces in your room well and get the needful stuff too in that small room to make it look beautiful and .fortable with ease without spending much on the decoration at all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: