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August nearly a hundred P2P platform closed down or enter the industry for a long time? Sohu finance in recent years, because the P2P is convenient and fast, the number of platforms was the rapid growth, the development of the industry is becoming more and more obvious uneven in quality. Recently, with the net loan industry regulatory rules landing, net loan platform ushered in a new wave of reshuffle. Net loan home from the data provided, in August closed down and a total of 99 problem platform, which closed the platform of 57, the problem platform of the 42, including the 30 foot, the difficulty of cash withdrawals. From this point of view, more and more platforms began to rational exit, which may be a necessary stage of the development of the P2P industry. Insiders said, P2P expansion development momentum has subsided, a gradual increase in the number of recent departure platform, even if the bank could not escape this trend. The cause of a large number of platforms active exit mainly lies in three aspects: one is the cost, from the beginning of 2015, the P2P industry was off costs soaring, profit margins are compressed, grassroots platform if you want to attract users, will give a higher market returns, thereby reducing their profits, and even some of the platform face the dilemma. On the other hand is a risk, domestic economy is in a stage of building L ", lending market in the form of increasingly severe and complicated, the borrowing side due to poor management led to repayment, which makes the joint lending risk has increased, so as to increase the risk of intangibles P2P industry. Finally, the regulatory landing brings a chain reaction. With the regulators for regulatory P2P industry continue to refine the pressure of market competition and continue to strengthen supervision, which makes a lot of small and medium business platform increasingly difficult, and finally had to choose from the initiative, reduce losses. Analysis of industry analysts, under the supervision of heavy hit series, grow with each passing day small platform survival pressure, expected future net lending platform choice closed or will continue to grow. However, it is worth noting that, at the end of August, the number of net loan platform for the normal operation of 2235, a decrease of 46, while the 2283 platforms in August last year compared to the net loan industry for the first time in the normal operation of the platform fell situation. "In the peer exchange group are P2P platform for the transfer of information; but there is a lot of P2P professionals in the company, more and more P2P platform in the trend of economic rational choice to exit." For this loan together CEO Liu Feng pointed out that because of the strengthening of supervision, market demand changes and the competition is more intense, the P2P industry has increased from barbaric growth to the rational development of exit stage, after the reshuffle, some of the benign development of the platform will remain. With the government’s guidance to the standardization of the development of the industry, P2P industry will move toward a more standardized, professional direction. Further analysis of August net loan platform data can be seen, although the number of net loan platform continues to decrease, but the number of active investment in P2P net loan industry, the number of borrowers continue to rise. Wang Pengfei, vice president of micro credit network, said the introduction of a large number of regulatory arbitrage system will exit the platform, the industry.相关的主题文章: