Artificial intelligence will be laid off drivers or other jobs will be replaced by

Artificial intelligence will be laid off: drivers or other jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence robots who will be laid off? In September 13th, the Massachusetts independent research firm Forrester released research report, the next five years, humans have 6% jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence, including customer service, car rental service positions. The report said that in 2021, the robot will be able to better understand the human language, improve learning ability, and can deal with more complex situations, so the ability to replace humans greatly improved. Before the British magazine "the economist" reports also showed that in a coverage of 702 types of investigation, the United States has 47% of the work in the future have been automated, including telephone marketing, accounting and auditing, retail staff positions is likely to replace the artificial intelligence. And I want to say is that artificial intelligence instead of artificial, may not be used for five years. The application of artificial intelligence in enterprises has already begun! One case: intelligent travel — replaced by staff: driver, assistant, internal audit, financial cashier at a recent meeting of Internet plus, an innovative travel company for business vehicles made a find everything fresh and new solutions. Simply put, this proposal is similar to a taxi drops software, but only for the use of employees. The company claims to have registered vehicles and professional drivers million, you can ensure that the customer calls after an average of 30 seconds there is a response to the vehicle, and within 5 minutes for the car to customers. In other words, the ideal, you do not have to support a business car. The use of vehicles, in each enterprise is a lot of spending, the company’s senior sales staff and the monthly cost of the car is very high. Executives in the company car is special, but executives busy business, travel frequently, in fact a car’s official use rate is very low, a car driver, basically is to buy food in children and to senior ladies. According to the staff car, there are two kinds of enterprise practice: either to the sales car or direct payment of subsidies, according to the use of reimbursement, but both are very ills. The amount of subsidies are generally much greater than the actual expenditure of front-line staff, the money is regarded as a kind of welfare income; the authenticity of the latter has made enterprises headache, although companies are now asking employees to write clearly intended for use in reimbursement, as well as the specific route, but it depends on the employee, equivalent to no constraint. A small invoice, simply can not reflect the actual use of the vehicle, the staff is not to visit customers do not know, the cost can not be controlled. So after using this software? Every time the company’s staff has a background in the management of artificial intelligence, of course, is not good to listen to monitor. For example, through the vehicle positioning function, can prevent Gongchesiyong. Even through the route data analysis, we can see the distribution of key customers in the region, as well as the frequency of customer visits to the customer, for business summary and improvement process. Look at the impact of the use of intelligent travel staff positions. First of all, the driver does not have to raise, on相关的主题文章: