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SEO Notably the most blessed beneficiary of article marketing from your businesss point of view is search engine optimization, which youll see .monly abbreviated to SEO. For this reason, its important that your articles keyword density is controlled, to avoid unnaturalness and to maintain credibility. Typically, in fact, you will not hear reference to keyword density unless your marketing articles are being written for purposes of SEO. Article marketing site controllers are not blind to this, and will be astutely alert to keyword stuffing. Relevance in placement of your websites links is fundamental to your keyword importance, meaning simply that, to adapt a phrase, you need to be matching apples with apples. Your menswear shop is not going to gain a lot mileage from having the link on a webpage selling life assurance or cheap auto accessories, whereas it will benefit from being on a site selling menswear, sportswear or footwear. It makes sense, after all, that your link will appear somewhere in direct relation to your field of products or services, so that is how you will target your marketing articles. The bottom line is that will be adding a link to a web page that you wrote, or had written for you, thus enhancing your sales prospects. So, back to the issue of keyword density, and its important to bear in mind that search engines read content so as to recognise by keywords what someone is seeking. Therein lies the value of well considered and placed keywords in a marketing article intended for search engine optimization. From the above it goes without saying that articles must be well written, meaning that over-insertion of keywords will give your article an unnatural read and risk rendering it ineffective. A search engine manager will even go the extent of viewing keyword-stuffing as unethical as if it should concern him, because youre the only one to suffer, not he. But, still, it is regarded as black hatting. You could even get your website banned from search engines that dont condone this method. It is said that the search engine Google actually assigns a page lower in rank value to sites caught keyword-stuffing, so it isn’t worth the risk. On the obverse side of the coin we see the innocent newbies who have stepped over the line without noticing it. It is easy to do. Youre concentrating intensely without seeing the broader picture, and the next thing you know, youve overstepped the boundaries and find yourself in bad territory. The rule of thumb decrees that 2 to 3 percent keyword density is an acceptable range. Another inherent danger in black hatting is that you might well discourage the reader of your article. An ineptly scripted article could attract scorn or contempt, thereby actually harming your firms standing, an out.e which is utterly self-defeating. Notwithstanding that the articles being distributed are essentially for the purposes of SEO, theres always a good chance that the article could be read by a potential client. There is a .plicated formula available for calculating keyword density, which you can find in Wikipedia via Google, but a simpler method .es with a free software download from the website colinklinkert.. thats if you cant spare a few moments to do some simple mental arithmetic. Its not brain surgery. But be aware of the pitfalls, and avoid keyword-stuffing at all costs. In the end, I’d like to suggest that you can buy articles Buy Articles like this one from reputable content providers and regularly update your website with fresh content About the Author: 相关的主题文章: