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AppleWatch2 Ticwatch2 and other watches which to buy – Sohu technology 2016 apple fall new conference, Apple Corp released the apple watch AppleWatch2 generation, is expected to be listed in October, priced at $2888. Also the cross-border joint Hermes and Nike Nike, launched a stainless steel version of the AppleWatchSeries2 version of the AppleWatchHermè, Hermes watchband; s, Nike Applewatchnike+, a section of the AppleWatch2Edition ceramic case. Can be used for swimming waterproof performance and independent GPS function, out of the mobile phone can not be mobile, but also to record the trajectory. Finally, the apple watch AppleWatch2 (iWatch2), ask the watch Ticwatch2, Motorola watches Moto3602, Samsung watches GearS3, HUAWEI watches HuaWeiWatch to, and can be detailed analysis, evaluation. Only the smart watches can be extended applications is a good watch in all wearable devices, smart watches is a typical existence. Smart watches can not only meet the needs of the decoration, such as wristbands to achieve the movement and health testing, you can also replace the dial, receive messages, navigation, and even a word called car. It can be seen that smart watches to change some of the habits of the user. To understand what is the right to buy? First understand the operating system and interaction. Powerful system is the key to play the performance of the hardware like China watch this smart watch is not listed here, why? Because it can not download the application as smart phones. Evaluation of the above mentioned 5 watches, found that they can expand the application. Thanks to the systems they use. Ticwear Ticwatch system using its own research and development, AppleWatch2 uses its own research and development of AppleWatchOS, AndroidWearOS and HUAWEI watches using Google Moto360, Samsung GearS3 uses its own R & D TizenOS. AppleWatchOS3 followed iOS to the application as the core concept, so we can see the application interface of AppleWatch2 is designed as a "forcing Virgo dense. AndroidWearOS with voice interaction as the core, the beginning of the design concept is "all in speech", it attaches great importance to speech interaction, the user use mouth to speak, "OK, Google" will be put forward all kinds of needs, whether it is watching the news, check the weather and navigation. In addition, different from the international version, the Chinese version of the voice of the AndroidWear core services provided by the door to ask. Tizen is an operating system developed by Intel Intel and Samsung, is the only open source system in the 4 systems. For developers, the biggest feature of Tizen is cross platform – can run in smart phones, smart watches相关的主题文章: