Apple’s new pro special monitor you have to prepare $1000 w-inds.

Apple’s new Pro special display you have to prepare 1000 dollars today, notebook + display mode has become a common phenomenon in the workplace, the specific reason is that a lot of work to a larger screen, which will also include apple users. At the end of the month just ended Apple’s new fall conference hill, not for a long time to update the Macbook series has finally changed new clothes, joined the TouchBar, but in addition to this new experience, another noteworthy point is the use of the USB-C interface, which indirectly determines the type of joint interface display future. FlexScan  EV2780’s USB-C monitor (image: GDM) recently launched a EIZO model for the FlexScan  EV2780 USB-C monitor, which can be compatible with the new Macbook  Pro. FlexScan  EV2780 is a 27 inch display, resolution 2560×1440, with USB-C, DisplayPort, HDMI input interface. The display can also output 30 watts of power, with the same line can be charged to any USB-C notebook. In addition, there are two USB  display; 3 interface, you can connect the old equipment. In addition, the EV2780 screen brightness of 350 nits, visual angle of 178 degrees, the refresh rate of 60Hz, contrast 1000:1. This monitor is suitable for home and office use, it can generate 16 million 770 thousand colors, support sRGB color gamut. Display gray response time of 5 milliseconds, can cope with the mainstream game. Of course, if you want to early adopters that would have to prepare thick notes, because the price of $989.相关的主题文章: