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Apple Corp launched iPhone7  in September 9th; 16 days available to accept reservations – the media – original title: Apple Corp launched a new agency, the latest mobile phone iPhone7 in September 7 San Francisco Xinhua (reporter Liu Dan) local time on the morning of 7, the Apple Corp in the United States of San Francisco released two known as the mobile phone iPhone7 and iPhone7Plus the best, most advanced, on the 16 day in China and other 25 countries and regions listed. Every September autumn conference is the highlight of Apple products, always attract attention and media industry. Like last year, the conference still in the side of the San Francisco municipal government square Bill? Graham Civic Auditorium, the time is Wednesday at 10 in the morning, but in September 9th last year, this year is September 7th, digital coincided with new product iPhone7. Apple CEO Tim? Cook and senior vice president Philip Schiller as the global market? Is the product of the field announcer and salesman. Cook said iPhone7 is the world’s best, most advanced mobile phone. Compared with the iPhone6 series, iPhone7 shows many revolutionary highlights. First, the more advanced optical anti shake lens and more powerful shooting features. 1.8 aperture allows you to shoot the ideal photo in low light condition. IPhone7Plus with wide-angle and telephoto wide-angle dual lens, to ensure and guarantee to long shot clearer photos. Unprecedented waterproof and dustproof features allow users to no longer worry about the embarrassment of mobile phone or dirty. Apple’s new phone called the most powerful A10 fusion chip, making the iPhone7 series two times faster than the 6 series, and has a longer battery life. A few days before the iPhone7 conference, existing online sources revealed that Apple will abandon the traditional wired headset, wireless headset waterproof day launch really impressive, but need to buy another $159. In addition, dual stereo speakers is more personally on the scene, more bright and gorgeous colors, hitherto unknown black and black body with ink added 256GB large capacity selection etc. the other functions of the new mobile phone. Apple’s official website the same day in the mobile phone interface presents a black background, in order to cope with the latest black and black ink body. The new phone still retains the original gold, silver and rose gold and other body color. The size of the iPhone7 is still the same as iPhone6, 4.7 inches, iPhone7Plus and iPhone6Plus the same as the 5.5 inch. The new phone is no longer 16GB, launched 32GB, 128GB and 256GB three kinds of capacity. IPhone7 was $649, $749 and $849, respectively. IPhone7Plus was $769, $869 and $969, respectively. IPhone7 series will be accepted in September 9th, 16 available. Day conference also introduced the second generation of Apple watch A)相关的主题文章: