Another view of science and technology Jobs left the real legacy in the end is

Another view of science and technology: Jobs left the real legacy in the end is what? Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 7th news, according to foreign media reports, yesterday was the five anniversary of the anniversary of the death of Jobs, the scientific community to Daniel in the last days of life is still working, he left apple too much heritage, smart new CEO Cook is one of them. Jobs gone, apple continued its upward trend, the market value jumped from $50 billion to $600 billion now, with the help of iPhone6 series hot February 2015, its share price even reached $775 billion. Although leading apple to the peak, but Cook still can not get rid of the shadow of Jobs, it is generally believed that Apple’s success is based on the legacy of the legacy of the left on the basis of the. "I hope that Jobs’s legacy will always be with apple," said Cook, speaking at a conference in Utah in September. "Of course, I’m not saying that Apple should adhere to the framework of Jobs, Apple was not that long ago before making a decision will be on the face of this situation, what would Jobs do, we must inherit the best spirit he is everything." However, no matter how Cook explained, people still can not help but question the post – Jobs era of some of the practices of the. In their hearts, Jobs to create a business model is universal and can be carried out as long as the Hadith, will succeed. Here, we have to investigate what is Apple really "heritage" Jobs left Google trend: Jobs is still the most attractive technology company CEO although Jobs had already passed away for 5 years, but people did not forget him. About his various myths still circulating in the market, from time to time he can on a headline. Study on Google trends found from the influence, Apple’s current CEO Cook, Tesla CEO musk and Zuckerberg Bill Gates are even unable to match its. No matter what’s wrong, Jobs will be mentioned this as a media ritual, once Apple wrong step, Jobs’s brilliant will be carry out praise, Cook and other executives into the media in the eyes of the prodigal son, they each step people will think Jobs would be turning in his grave in the grave. So many examples, such as the acquisition of Beats iPad, Pro iPhone stylus, larger screen, whenever Apple step out the controversial piece, people will miss Jobs in the day, even the Republican presidential candidate Trump is no exception. People forget the mistakes of Jobs decided to selective non saints, to err is human, Jobs founded Apple also made many wrong decisions, but it has taken on selective forgetting these tainted glasses, not a very good decision. As of iPhone 4, this product is the milepost type masterpiece, but also will inevitably encounter the antenna door, Jobs was just casually said "don’t take the mobile phone not forget", if it is the other CEO I’m afraid just said to it. To help you become Jobs’s soul, chicken soup will never cool down, whether it’s Jobs’s 22 proposal or the success of the 12相关的主题文章: