Another actor was arrested drug-related police were found marijuana in the house-stand by me shinee

Another actor in the house was arrested drug-related police found marijuana Hu Rui son Hu Ruier Nv Youlin Caiti data map data according to Taiwan media reported on September 22nd, Under Lover (lover) Hu Rui son on the morning of 22 was seized by police in possession of marijuana in homes, Lin Cai’s girlfriend in the field, he admitted that the drug, but the woman after being denied holding, urine to leave; he and his teammates are Yang Lin Hualian, karma group debut, once because I want to make music alarm family revolution, mad Dad took a kitchen knife banged on the door, was finally out of the house. The 25 year old Hu Rui son before he debuted in Hualian nightclub when MC, Yang Lin saw the show after the initiative to start a conversation, decided to group together to play music, according to reports, the father learned that after the gas was opposed, also make the family revolution, he was angry said: "I starve or when the tramp do music." Dad fire Montana knife mad knock on his door, finally kicked out, the day is just a typhoon, let him sad crying. Fortunately, Elaine supermodel Wu Yihua timely help, Hu Rui son didn’t wander the streets, then to Taipei and Yang Lin flat-share house, in order to save money, sometimes two people together to eat Steamed Buns eat, until the music performance, and the family is together, dad is to support his music ideal, but now because of absorbing Ma was arrested not only let fans heart, also let the family down.相关的主题文章: