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Structured-Settlements Are you truly better off investing or just keeping the payments? Getting the right annuity payment advice can be hard to find. We need it now especially during this time with the economy in the gutter. Although the economy is bad this is truly the best time to sell your annuity if you like to invest because prices are low right now. You can find a deal in just about anything and everywhere. Taking a annuity cash out to invest vs. keeping those annuity payments is a tricky question only because it depends on what’s happing in your life and your motivation at the time. It’s financially smart to keep the payments for some people because for some it can protect them from unwise investments. You should evaluate your circumstances to determine. Also, look at how successful you’ve been with other investments in the past. Here are some pitfalls others have made when cashing out their annuity for large amounts money. * Some are not prepared receiving lump sums of money and they be.e delusional because of the over abundance of wealth, and start being totally careless on how and on what they spend their money on. * You want to use investment advisor that are not there just for secondary gain or for what they can get out of you. So many times an annuity owner will get their lump sum to only invest in risky speculative investments. * Generosity a factor once you sell your annuity. Being too generous to your spouse, family, and friends have wiped out peoples lump sum. I know you know this already but you’d be surprise how amnesia sets in once the money has cleared and is in your bank account. * There are business people who talk annuity owners into investing in all kinds of business adventures that seem very profitable but only to find out that they are no ware near as profitable if you look at the core. * There have been times when all types of bad addictive behaviors in the person have been magnified do to the new found increase of money with selling the annuity. * Some charity organization can be a pitfall to some annuity owners. It’s true, believe or not. There have been times in the past where they would start calling once they found out you sold your annuity. They even will send out reps to convince you to donate. The last thing I’d want is for someone to say that I said don’t donate. No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying be smart with selling your annuities if you decide to sell it. Also take advantage of some of the precautions I’ve listed on this page. I hope at least one thing has helped you today in your decision making when it .e to selling your annuity vs. keeping the payments. Thanks… John About the Author: 相关的主题文章: