Ancient Miao surrogate mother Qingnuan left-behind children volunteer team in the new network throug-superrecovery

Ancient Miao "surrogate mother" Qingnuan left-behind children volunteer teams throughout the revolutionary base areas – Beijing ancient Miao "surrogate mother" Qingnuan bear Jiehong left-behind children volunteer team in the old revolutionary base Yunnan Beijing authority on 14 October, (Wang Yanlong) in the Yunnan Bay Village Weixin County, did not go out to migrant parents after school children coincidentally, their "surrogate mother" bear Jiehong home doing homework or playing in the yard, the "surrogate mother" is to rely on the warm them after school. Reporters the day before went to visit Xiong Jiehong Wumengshan deep. The 41 year old Xiong Jiehong told reporters, his childhood love dancing, married in 1993 after the Bay Village, she often danced together with the young men in the village. Later, most of them go out to work, but she likes to stay with the children to play, and slowly became a surrogate mother". The bay is located in the county water authority Miao town northeast, is a typical ancient Miao village, a distance of the long march "Zahi conference" Flower House meeting site just a few kilometers, also visited the village of red army. As the local economic development lags behind, the young people in the village to go out to work, children are often left at home with the elderly grandparents live. In 2015, the village has 27 households, 137 people, migrant workers 39 people, 35 people left behind children for children, "most of the villages left in Wilson County". "The first thing to do to take care of these children was around 2004." Xiong Jiehong said that she had to go out to work two times, but because of the child’s care, the last time in the car crying determined not to go out to work. At home, she saw the left-behind children, leaving their clothes is not clean, sometimes eat difficult situation, she began to take care of the children out of kindness, this has become a habit". We are willing to give the child to her. In Xiong Jiehong’s home, the wall is hung with a "digital table", the village outside the room on the square table tennis table. When a child comes to her home, she does not graduate from junior high school. She teaches children to recognize numbers, sing, dance, play games, and embroider…… In fact, I can not teach anything, is to urge them to do their homework, according to their safety." The bear Jiehong looked after the left-behind children has reached 50~60, there are still more than and 30 people now. She took care of the children, the youngest three or four years old, the university has been large, and some have been married. Xiong Jiehong also became the authority of the county of old revolution known celebrities, and affect others. At present, Wan Zi Miao "surrogate mother" has 10 people. Xiong Jiehong’s sister also in this year from Zhejiang back to the village to take care of children, and joined the "surrogate mother" in the team, the continuation of left-behind children love. "I didn’t want to quit, as long as I shouted." Xiong Jiehong said that the parents of the children will come back to visit her new year, so she was pleased. Now, she has a farmhouse, she does not have to work on the farm, so that she will have more time to take care of the children after school. Wilson County women’s Federation President Chen Gongyan introduction, in recent years, rural migrant workers each year in Weixin county)相关的主题文章: