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An illustrious life to old Wall Street veterans to shame their reputations U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Leon Cooperman Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 22 Bloomberg said, in the 1/4 century, Leon Cooperman won the LaoLa and old stock trader the hand’s reputation, the Omega Advisors Inc. to create one of the hedge fund industry was one of the most successful company. Located in the Plaza New York Times a building near the 33 layer, the billionaire rash and too much in haste and some other peers, achieve success and win recognition; some are not his fame, there are also some brisk performance, but bleak out, or swallowed by the original greed, or by new market sweep. Out of date to today, 73 year old Cooperman has to fight for his honor, because Omega was accused of insider trading. "Fifty years of hard work, I have today; too observant of conventional standards., I will not let those who ruin my business." Cooperman said in a conference call with investors on Wednesday. , the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), has been shocked by the news that the Omega and Cooperman illegal transactions of $5 billion 400 million in assets are being managed. Cooperman– a plumber’s son, from southern Bronx (South Bronx) a step by step into the Goldman’s powerful financial and charity ring veteran. He once again appeared on television and Industry Conference, hoarse voice from Manhattan and other places of exchange. There are many hedge fund managers to avoid the spotlight, and Cooperman otherwise, he because of US President Barack Obama’s relentless criticism has attracted the attention of Hilary – Clinton is accused of recently. "This is not an ordinary staff misconduct prosecution case, this man is famous," donated fund at the Duke University had invested in the Omega Brad Alford said. Cooperman on Wednesday strongly denied the allegations by the SEC, which mainly focused on the 2010 deal with Atlas Pipeline Partners, a gas producer. In the last nine minutes with investors in a conference call, his manner full. He began with a small joke explaining why he was talking about the case publicly. He said that the end of the case will not be much money, far less than the annual charitable donations. Editor: Li bolt SF171相关的主题文章: