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Business The Ameriplan Scam: Do Not Join Ameriplan Until You See This One of the things that people seem to search for when examining any business opportunity is the name of the business "scam". So in this case they would type in "Ameriplan scam" or "Ameriplan USA scam". It is just human nature to really research a business opportunity before you jump into the middle of it. And who can blame them? There are so many scams and scumbags that are out there, especially on the internet, that just want to suck money out of your pockets and put it into their own. I have seen my share of scams, and have actually done a good job avoiding being taken for a fool and I’m here to tell you, Ameriplan is not a scam. Ameriplan has great products that help millions of people save money every year. Ameriplan has also produced multiple millionaires out of independent business owners that distribute those products and bring on other home based business owners since they opened their doors back in 1992. I have also seen plenty of content out there from former Ameriplan reps that claim that Ameriplan is a scam or have published a "rip-off report" and you are going to see similar content on any network marketing/MLM business opportunity that has been in existance for any amount of time….and this is why. The chances are when you sign up and start your business opportunity with Ameriplan, or any business opportunity for that matter, that your upline is going to tell you to start with your "warm market". To make a list of your friends and family and start introducing your business opportunity to everyone in your social circle. They will also tell you to start posting flyers, holding meetings, cold calling and using the "3 foot rule" like approaching people at the malls and grocery stores. These techniques are outdated and work for very few. About 3% to be exact. I know because that is how my upline wanted me to go about building my business opportunity with Ameriplan. That is how network marketing was done back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. 3% is certainly a low enough number to leave some people thinking it was a scam. I knew within the first few weeks that those techniques were not going to give me the results that I was looking for. That is when I got on the internet and started searching for answers. Lucky for me, I was able to partner up with some real mentors that showed me the way to build a successful home based business. The key to having a successful network marketing business opportunity today is by leveraging the internet. You can drive targeted traffic with real prospects and people already looking for the products and business opportunity that you have to offer. You can get in front of thousands and millions of those people every day by using FREE marketing strategies and techniques that the majority of MLM entrepreneurs are not aware of. The same methods being used by the top producers and 7 figure earners in the network marketing industry. So, once again – Ameriplan is definitely not a scam! but you will need the right guidance. If you are looking for a REAL work from home business opportunity and join a team that is internet based, has exclusive training on internet marketing – and generates 30-50 leads a day using nothing but FREE marketing tactics you can join our team now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: