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To ease the delivery pressure, promote some suggestions – smooth delivery of maternal and child 1, Sohu to choose the right people to accompany you: if the conditions, you can consider the requirements of "Doula" delivery in the company. The birth of Doula delivery, reduce the cesarean birth rate to promote productivity. And the use of painkillers and delivery time decreased. 2, attention: on average, primiparous women generally experience delivery time is 12 ~ 14 hours. So, when you want to start the contractions, try to keep calm. If you start from the first contraction is very tense, with every contraction, because every time the pain and breathing, then you will soon feel tired and can’t stand. 3, a little gentle massage: delivery process, if you do a little gentle massage, to relieve pain and relieve anxiety will be very helpful. If someone is with you to produce, you can ask him to massage you for your discomfort. And tell him what kind of technique or intensity you like. Usually in early delivery, shoulder and neck massage will make you feel very comfortable, with contractions become frequent and intense, press the back will be effective. Of course, there will be moments when you don’t want someone to touch you. 4, regular breathing: breathe easily not only help you focus on the stage of frequent contractions. Also, taking a deep, slow breath between the two pains can help you relax and relax. 5, move up: in the early stages of childbirth try to do some activities not only help to alleviate discomfort, but also can help to produce more smoothly. After the doctor’s advice, you can walk around, gently stretch your limbs and even do a little slow down. 6, a short period of meditation: obstetricians are talking about a new term: "hypnobirth", the Chinese idea is "hypnosis production". It is a new way to help women stay calm during the production process, which is designed to teach mothers how to make themselves into a very relaxed state, also known as self hypnosis". It sounds a bit mysterious is that? You can try a more practical approach. Linda, a senior midwife in Louisiana, has little experience in this area. "I teach mothers to learn to imagine. Imagination is a field full of flowers, or imagine the baby has been held in his arms." Of course, since it is imagination, you can fully exert their creativity. This is what LEE did: "in the throes of attacking me one after another, I imagined I was climbing a mountain, climbing a mountain, climbing a." 7, successful: one method is not suitable for all people. You need to listen to your heart and find a way to make yourself feel good. So, if the crucial moment found practiced breathing many times but is not useful, hold pillow can make you more comfortable, you can quickly change the way. Remember, just as every baby is unique, each mother’s birth process is completely different. Many pregnant mothers feel pressure to give birth.相关的主题文章: