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The tube into the cycle note after Sohu maternal IVF is many infertility couples hope, in order to make the tube road go more smoothly, the friends of patients should not only actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, after entering in vitro cycle should do the related precautions. So, the test tube into the cycle of attention to what? 1 injection of drugs according to the instructions stored in the refrigerator freezer. 2 if the man is difficult to take fine, please communicate with the doctor in advance. 3 please follow the doctor’s advice to go back to the hospital to monitor the development of follicular. 4 medication during the rest should be regular, avoid staying up late, playing mahjong. 5 during the treatment the man smoking, alcohol, avoid doing sauna, keep a regular schedule. 6 some people during the treatment of small abdominal pain, backache, there will be more vaginal secretions, belongs to the normal phenomenon. 7 the woman with the drug 5-7 days the man needs to row a fine (according to the follicular development time), please contact your doctor. 8 injection sites on both sides alternately, buttocks can be used wet towel or fresh potato chips deposited more than 30 minutes, to prevent the occurrence of injection site induration. 9 during the treatment do not use perfume, cosmetics, makeup and other items contain flavor, bath and skin care products can be properly used. Avoid sauna, massage, wear high-heeled shoes, try to wear loose pants. 10 please take the medicine to the nursing station after each B ultrasound examination. If you need to take the drug back to the local injection, please be sure to report to the nursing station, the nurse teaches you the use of drugs, preservation and return to hospital review time. 11 as a result of the use of ovulation drugs on both sides of the ovary with the follicular development and increase, so in the medication until the egg after the action should be gentle, avoid strenuous exercise, in order to prevent ovarian torsion. Should strengthen nutrition, eat more rich in protein and vitamins, such as milk, milk, eggs, shrimp, etc..相关的主题文章: