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Administration secretary of secretary of provincial Party Committee received calls first response to hang up the original title: administration secretary of secretary of provincial Party Committee received calls first reaction even hang up "contact you poor households who?" "How many people are there in his family?"" "What are the main difficulties?" "A few people collar subsistence allowances?" "How often do you come home?" "What help is there for the Li Donglin family, and what are the plans?" "Li Dong Lin (poor) what time can get out of poverty?"…… A few days ago, the Jiangxi provincial Party committee secretary Luxinshe to Jinggangshan visit poor households, poor households in a home, he let the leadership of Ji’an city site called the cadres, deputy director Lin Dajing He Guiqiang phone, came to say a check to check the temporary check. The sudden "exam" did not let He Guiqiang panic, he usually work in detail to introduce. He did not know it at the time, the other end of the phone is the provincial Party Secretary Lu xinshe. Hear a satisfactory answer, Luxinshe very pleased, he showed his identity, affirmed and gratitude to He Guiqiang meticulous work. That is the provincial Party Secretary in their examination of the scene, He Guiqiang was surprised and delighted, he said to the Secretary: deer more detailed, more accurate assistance, have the confidence and determination to help Li Donglin out of poverty as scheduled. Suddenly the style of the exam so that local cadres are very educated, the provincial Party Secretary of the telephone sampling method can really check the effectiveness of the work of local officials. In fact, not many people can receive the provincial Secretary of the phone, and not all officials in after receiving the call can answer fluently. Then received the provincial Party Secretary phone is how a kind of experience? In January 1st this year, Hubei Hong’an County Safety Supervision Bureau Wu Bitian received a telephone call during the festival. "Hello, miss wu! I’m Li Hongzhong, now the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau duty room, to understand the situation of the county under the supervision and administration of production safety during the festival." Li Hongzhong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee from the home, but the opposite came the voice of doubt, ah? Impossible!" , the phone was hung up. Hang up the phone, he is not "audacious in the extreme" just do not believe that such a great leader will personally call him. And Li Hongzhong self analysis, grassroots do not believe that this is the problem itself! It seems that our random checks have not become the norm." Secretary of the provincial Party committee Hung phone caused a public concern, once the network hot search vocabulary. As an opportunity, Hubei launched a major investigation of production safety supervision. At the critical moment of the flood in Hubei province at the end of June this year, Li Hongzhong once again picked up the phone and call to the provincial Office of the duty room, check flood duty work, ask the flood disaster. Li Hongzhong asked in detail about the rainfall and rainfall duration, and the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River flood duty personnel carried out a detailed report on related content. As we all know, in the face of sudden disasters, such as the interests of the people involved in the event, the phone has become the most important communication tool. At this time, the provincial Secretary of the phone will be able to stabilize morale, confidence, win the hearts of the role. Spring Festival this year, the Fujian Provincial Tourism Bureau duty room相关的主题文章: