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Internet-and-Business-Online Blogs, especially corporate blogs, will have competitors (either a competing blog or a competing business). How you handle or address competitors on your blog will speak volumes about you as a person and as a business. For the most part, always take the high road and never get caught up in a public and nasty feud with another blog or business. Addressing the Competition in General You should rarely mention a competitor by name. Though it is acceptable to name them when comparing aspects of a product or service make sure you keep a professional tone. Consumers are turned off when they see another company’s products being disparaged. If you think your product or service is better, than focus your postings on the highlights of your products or services. Do not focus on pointing out problems with your competition. Sometimes your best option is to mention competitors in a generic way. For example, "other products on the market", or "similar types of products" are better terms for blogging purposes because they enable you to differentiate your products without specifically naming the competition. Your readers may not even have known that a certain competitor existed so do not be quick to give them some free press on your blog. Addressing Negative Postings from Competition Addressing negative postings from your competition is a somewhat sticky subject. On one hand you want to address the posting, on the other hand your readers may not know the posting was even made. Addressing a posting may alert your readers to its existence for the first time. How you handle negative postings will depend on the comments that were made by the competitor. Some comments can be ignored while other comments will need to be addressed. Your first course of action may be to contact the competitor and request they remove any defamatory comments on their blog. You may be surprised at how many will honor the request, especially if it is made in a professional manor. If the comments at question appear on their blog but were not written directly by them they may be more than willing to remove the offending comments. If the competitor refuses to remove a negative posting you can respond on your blog by addressing the accusations without indicating where they were made. This way you are able to respond without giving any unnecessary power to their blog posting. Keep these things in mind when addressing the competition on your blog. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: