Actress exposure entertainment unspoken rules or 800 thousand or bed see-oboni

Actress exposed the entertainment unspoken rule: either the 800 thousand or the bed to see Liu Leyan Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Liu Leyan (Fanny) positive then play in the mainland, but recently crying was director Shi Xiaolei forced to accompany sleep, because the other was also against rejection slap violence, caused an uproar. An actress surnamed Zhao also broke the news broke out, accusing the director has more than once asked the unspoken rules, she had even been threatened 2 election 1, if you do not pay $800 thousand, you can only use the body in exchange for roles. According to the "All Star" reported on April, actress surnamed Zhao received notice that Hunan satellite TV will start filming soon, the group including Fan Bingbing, Yang Mi [micro-blog] [micro-blog] frontline actress, he added Shi Xiaolei echocardiography WeChat registration, a few days on the receipt of each contact, have the opportunity to participate in the audition. However, because she is not assured, and a call to ask for details, did not expect this stone Xiaolei put forward 2 choose 1, if not 800 thousand yuan to buy, can only accept the unspoken rule. Zhao said the actress, was listening to the stone to say so, they can not help but ask, "stars are like that," the other replied, "yes, if it is not the unspoken rules, how to be a woman on the 1st". Zhao did not accept the present, but 10 days later he received a phone call, asked to meet with him, but she refused to go, I’m not that kind of person ", the other was pulled into the blacklist, but before leaving screenshot evidence. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: