A parent in Wuhan asked eight gifted teachers to plead for bear child (video)-doat

A parent Wuhan reported eight excellent training classes for teachers bear children. In order to take control of bear children, parents at the children reported that 8 excellent training classes, firepower forced the teacher children pleading less points". Recently, a "bear" system "bear" chat record in the provincial experimental primary school parents group sparked heated debate. Nowadays, it is not a new topic to report children’s training class, and how to allocate the time reasonably and effectively has become a headache for parents of middle and high grades. "We have a ya got eight door, make teachers anxious, let the child mother choose some courses, stop." On Thursday, the "mother" in the provincial experimental primary school parents exchange group Tucao, so many parents a surprise. With respect to the school the third grade students’ parents Ms. Li, son in the Mathematical Olympiad, English, piano, calligraphy, swimming and other courses, she felt crazy, she was curious about the "niuwa" parents is how to arrange the time. Later, "mom said, the child is not" niuwa "but bear children, learning is not ideal, parents cannot hold admission education is not good, they reported 8 excellent training classes. It is fantastic, the performance of the parents more "bear", himself playing cards in the mahjong room, often commissioned by other parents to help with Ya "fight in the" all excellent training classes. Teachers are helpless, advised to stop off campus training, based on school teaching to lay a good foundation. Some parents said, "before two or three excellent training classes of it, now give ya newspaper five or six excellent training classes of parents said on Mo Ya meet the eye everywhere, tired, sent to parents." In this case, the reporter interviewed yesterday, part of the "ten charm of teachers in Wuhan city", they have said that the phenomenon is not alone "abusive" parents give their children outside the Pew class, the starting point for parents and different attitudes. Some are starting from the children themselves, which are divided into two kinds, one is the child itself is relatively excellent, improve learning by two children; the foundation is weak, the supplement of school counseling. And some parents from their own considerations, unable to manage their children or have no time to accompany children, simply spend money to send children to after-school counseling classes. It is better to not report than to report money, so as not to spend money on buying a crime." Wuhan Changqing director of the first school student Li Ping believes that learning should be a supplement to school learning, this may be the supplement supplement of school learning, such as strengthening the discipline knowledge, may also be added to the school, such as sports and arts specialty training. The aim should be to focus on the growth of children, have more rich life experience, and not simply for the sake of grading examination. In addition, there is a premise of parents classes, for children to learn with us, at least not in itself is excluded, drift is not desirable, but not for the rejection of the burden of abusive and blind. Wuhan Video: the mother of 120 thousand children aged 5 years were reported 17 excellent training classes for 3 years after the "child prodigy" weariness attention big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

武汉一家长报八个培优班 老师替“熊孩子”求情为了管住“熊孩子”,家长一口气给孩子报了8个培优班,火力之猛逼得班主任代孩子求情“少报点”。近日,一段以“熊”制“熊”的聊天记录在省实验小学家长交流群里引发热议。如今给孩子报培优班早已不是什么新鲜话题,如何合理有效地分配时间成为中高年级家长们感到头疼的问题。“我们班有个伢搞了八门,搞得老师都急了,让孩子妈妈进行取舍,停掉一些课程。”上周四,网友“安妈”在省实验小学家长交流群吐槽,令众多家长一片愕然。同为该校三年级学生家长的黎女士直言,儿子在学奥数、英语、钢琴、书法、游泳等课程,她已经觉得忙疯了,她很好奇那个“牛娃”的家长是如何安排时间的。后来,“安妈”才透露,原来那个孩子并非“牛娃”而是“熊孩子”,各科学习都不理想,家长自认管不住教不好,就报了8个培优班。更令人匪夷所思的是,家长的表现更“熊”,自己坐在麻将室打牌,常常委托别的家长帮忙带伢“转战”各个培优班。老师百般无奈,劝其停掉校外培优,立足校内教学打好基础。有家长表示,“以前上两三个培优班了不得了,现在给伢报五六个培优班的家长比比皆是,莫说伢上得累,家长送来送去也够呛。”针对这一事例,记者昨日采访了部分“武汉市十大魅力教师”,他们纷纷表示家长给孩子“滥报”校外培优班的现象并非个例,家长的出发点和态度各不相同。有的是从孩子本身出发,这又分两种情况,一是孩子本身比较优秀,通过校外学习适当提高;二是孩子基础较弱,通过校外辅导补差。而有的则是从家长自身考虑,管不住孩子或没时间陪孩子,干脆花钱送孩子去校外辅导班。“滥报不如不报,免得花钱买罪受。”武汉市常青第一学校学生处主任李萍认为,校外学习应该是校内学习的一种补充,这种补充既可能是校内学习不足的补充,如学科知识的加强,也可能是校内学习不到的补充,如体艺特长培训。其目的应该是着眼于孩子的成长,拥有更加丰富的人生体验,而不是为了单纯的考试考级。再则,家长报班有个大前提,孩子要学有余力,本身有兴趣至少不排斥,随波逐流不可取,更不能为了甩包袱而盲目滥报。相关视频 武汉:母亲12万为5岁儿报17个培优班 3年后“神童”厌学 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: