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Religion I am a lost child who lost my father at the age of ten but I always managed to keep my pain within. Though my heart was troubled I kept a bright face holding on dearly to Gods given grace. Through God’s grace I know my father and I will reunite, but I have to tell you I have gone through some very dark nights. I loved my father with all my heart and miss the warm hugs we had from the start. From the time I could remember he would lift me up in his strong but gentle arms with a warmth I never forgot. He would sit me on his lap and comfort me in my times of need, no matter what the problem was he was always there for me. No matter how difficult it was to see things through, he always knew just what to do. He handled me with lots of love and assured me that all his ways come from high above. He was always there to play with me no matter how tired he was, for I had that special way to win him over with love. All it took was one little smile and a tickle on the belly and with out a doubt he would always turn in to jelly. I hoped my father would come back to me, but he never did. So I keep struggling on through life, with my mother at my side for I knew there was nowhere I could hide. My mother took over right from the start even though she had pains and distress in her heart. She knew I was a lost child and had to be there for me even though she was going through a great loss full of loneliness and difficulty. She was extremely heart broken and didn’t know where to start, but I tell you the truth she was there with all her heart. She took over the job of raising me the best she knew how and never gave one thought of throwing in the towel. She was always there for me no matter how gloomy things got whether it be troublesome or it be not. She knew she could lean upon God’s grace, and count on Him to guide her through for His Word is always true. She would pack my lunch and send me off to school with a sweet kiss on my cheek that never grew cold. She would stand at the edge of the sidewalk till my bus got out of site and she was there with open arms when I got home at night. I would spend my days in school with all my friends hoping they would never discover my pain within. I would keep myself cheerful with a sweet smile on my face and walk smoothly down the halls with a warm gentle grace. Though my heart was heavily troubled I gave it all I had so they would never come to see me so very sad. As the years went by I matured more so than others. It then came to my attention that people were starting to take notice of me, in which I took great delight, and that’s where I started to lose my sight. I started to indulge myself in their very ways with the hope to fill that void I had in those days. You see, even though I came to be very popular in which I enjoyed, I was still extremely lonely and could never fill that void. Now that I am finished with school I just dont know what to do. My friends all went their separate ways, now I am thinking about the day my father passed away. My heart was empty and full of sadness now I see myself heading towards badness. I started exploring different things looking for love even though I knew it didn’t come from above. As time went by I thought I was smart only to find out it didn’t come from my heart. No matter what I did things just never went right and caused me to have a lot of sleepless nights. As the days went by things got pretty bad and I came to be so very sad. I could never fill that emptiness within. O the pain, the worry, the troublesome times and they were all only to be just mine. I started to grow really cold and I never got the chance to become very old. I didn’t know what to do so I decided to leave all of you. You see, I took my life at age 28 in 83 only to find out there is only me. Now that I am all alone I am waiting for God’s grace to take me home. I was a lost child that got off track, now I see I am never coming back. So if you can take the time to pray for me, I will look forward to meeting you with all my heart so we can be together with a brand new start. About the Author: Our Christian Site at ..christianideas.net helps Christians to start a online business that will enable them with the tools needed to succeed in spreading God’s Word. For more information check out our FREE educational tutorials for Christian Business opportunities Article Published On: Object Lesson – Balloon Faith By: KenSapp – Balloons are enjoyed not only by children and youth, but by people of all ages. We see them at birthdays and celebrations throughout the year. And like many things we enjoy in the world around us, th … Tags: Icebreakers – Clinging To God By: KenSapp – A clothespin is used to attach clothes to a clothesline. 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