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Zhangzhou female college students lost contact 3 days   video shows not leave the dormitory   – Fujian Channel – People’s original title: registration login missing girls. "Help us find the kids."!" Yesterday, a guest house in Guangzhou University Town, Lu Lu from Fujian, Zhangzhou, told reporters that "daughter has lost three days, seek good people to help find."!" On the morning of the 24 day, Lu Lu, who was in Fujian, Zhangzhou, suddenly received a call from Guangzhou. "My daughter’s school counselor called me, saying that my daughter was missing at school." At 8 o’clock in the evening, Mrs. Lu Shuhe arrived in Guangzhou from Fujian and got in touch with the school teacher. Video without leaving the dormitory lens, "23 dinner time is still in school", Lu uncle said, school video shows, when the daughter into the school dormitory, still on the balcony ate an apple. "We searched the video, and we didn’t see her leaving the dormitory. The cell phone and the luggage were still in the dormitory." Lu Shu said, "do not understand why the daughter lost contact," my wife also on Tuesday with her phone, did not find anything unusual, she did not hear any emotional disputes…… We’ve already called the police." Lu’s daughter also uses WeChat and micro-blog to give help signals. 2 pm yesterday, this "emergency help" news spread in the circle of friends, "she is about 155cm tall, wearing glasses, body thin, medium length hair."…… Please help friends, thank you very much! If you have any clues, please contact us……" (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian) 漳州一女大学生失联3天 视频显示未离开宿舍 –福建频道–人民网 原标题:注册 登录 失踪女生。 “帮帮我们找找孩子!”昨日,在广州大学城某招待所,来自福建漳州的卢叔向记者表示,“女儿已经失联三天,求好心人帮忙寻找!” 24日上午,在福建漳州的卢叔突然接到一个来自广州的电话,“女儿学校辅导员打电话给我,说正读大三的女儿在学校不见了。”当天晚上8时,卢叔和太太从福建赶到了广州,与学校老师取得联系。 视频无离开宿舍的镜头 “23日晚饭时间还在学校”,卢叔说,学校视频显示,当时女儿进了学校宿舍,还在阳台吃了个苹果。“我们翻查视频,没发现她离开宿舍的镜头,手机、行李还在宿舍。” 卢叔说,想不明白女儿为何失联,“我老婆周二还跟她通过电话,没发现她有什么异常情况,也没听说有什么感情纠纷……我们已经报了警。” 卢叔女儿的同学也利用微信、微博,发出求助信号。昨日下午2时许,这条“紧急求助”的消息在朋友圈传开了,“她身高155cm左右,戴眼镜,体型偏瘦,中长发……请朋友们帮帮忙,感激不尽!如有线索请联系我们……” (责编:吴舟、张子剑)相关的主题文章: